Content Template #1

Content Template #1
Page Title:
Example: Widget-o-Rama: FancyWidget No. 5
Product Description—Answers the question - What is it?
Product Name:
Name of Product Line:
Short Description (two sentences):
Guidelines: The product description should answer the questions:
What is it?
Who is it for? and
What does it do?
Example description: Widget-o-Rama’s FancyWidget No. 5 is an inverse reactive
current supply mechanism used for operating nofer-trunnions and reducing
sinusoidal depleneration when used in conjunction with a drawn reciprocating dingle
arm. Note: This is where you would provide actual, approved copy for each chunk of
content—examples the client could use as live content.
Contact information:
Guidelines: For the products you can buy immediately, this is just a link to the first
step of the purchasing process. For product packages with variable volume
discounts, this should include telephone and electronic contact info for the relevant
sales team.
Product Benefits—Answers the question - Why should I buy it?
Benefit/feature pairs:
Benefit/feature pair #1
Benefit/feature pair #2
Benefit/feature pair #3
Guidelines: Benefits are about the customer and answer the question - What will
this do for me? Features are about the product and answer the question - How does
the product work? On the Widget-o-Rama website, they should come in pairs
consisting of a very specific benefit, followed by the feature or features that make it
possible. Use concrete terms whenever you can.
Reduces maintenance costs by up to 50% by replacing delicate
gremlin studs with a robust spiral decommutator and eliminating the
need for drammock oil after phase detractors are remissed.
Prevents side fumbling via the addition of pentametric fan consisting
of six hydrocoptic marzelvanes fitted to the ambifacient lunar
Increases production capacity through the use of a streamlined
regurgitative purwell nubbled with a superaminative wennel-sprocket.
Formatting: Here, you can use either a simple list of three to five bullets or a set of
headings (each of which describes a single benefit) followed by three to five bulleted
features that explain how the benefit is attained. Whichever format you choose, keep
these as concise as you can.
Optional Product Details—Answer questions like - What’s included? and How
does it work?
Depending on the product, you may want to include some of these optional details:
Features List—Some products have more important features than can
be easily worked into a short benefits list. Those features would go
here. This element does not replace the benefits list that goes on the
first page.
Feature Table—Compares a single Widget-o-Rama product to similar
products produced by competitors, or compares various widget
configurations within a Widget-o-Rama product line.
New!—A paragraph or bulleted list briefly detailing new features after
an update to the product line.
‘Content Templates to the Rescue’, Erin Kissane, July, 2009
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