Perú Implementing Sustainable Energy Systems in Developing Communities Summer Session

Summer Session
Implementing Sustainable Energy
Systems in Developing Communities
Travel Dates
May 20th - June 18th
This course will provide students with technical skills,
economic and political background, as well as technical
analysis and design skills that will help them to apply
knowledge gained about alternative and renewable
energies to both local and global issues. Students will be
exposed to a broad range of disciplines necessary to
understand the sources of renewable energy, decisions
involved in using alternative energy sources and the
various impacts of bringing power to developing
communities. This course will include an in-community
experience which involves construction and installation
of a sustainable energy system. This course will taqke
place in a city, working class neighborhoods, and a
native village which provides a rich intercultural
eru’s La Libertad region is rich with history. Its capital, Trujillo is located along the northern coast. With
beautiful Pacific Ocean beaches and access to the inland
highlands, it is no wonder that students return again and
again to this location. Indulge in a plate of world-class
ceviche, ride in an indigenous reed canoe, bask
along a Pacific beach, or begin exploring the history of
the pre-Columbian civilizations whose influences can
still be seen in contemporary Peruvian society.
Visit -
Wikipedia -- research Trujillo on the web
Lonely Planet -- find the must sees before your trip
Although most activites will be conducted in Spanish,
with English translations, this is also an excellent time
to brush up on your Spanish!Take a course at NCC!
BBC Language Resources
Students will fly from New York,
Newark, or Philadelphia to Peru. Students will travel with faculty and
other students from the college. The
group will depart from the NCC main
Students will live in a
local neighborhood.
Some breakfasts, lunches, and
dinners are included in this trip.
Students are additionally
responsible for food on days of
James Colón is a Counselor and instructor at NCC. He believes
that there is a great capacity for personal growth and cultural
appreciation by traveling. James has traveled to more than eight
countries and hopes to share his love of world foods, music, and
culture with students. What better way is there to develop longlasting positive relationships and experiences than by traveling the
Program Fee Includes the
• Roundtrip airfare
• Ground transportation to
and from airport
• Transportation to and
from scheduled site visits
• Lodging
• Breakfast, lunch, &
dinner (except travel
days and weekends)
• Health and emergency
assistance insurance
Program Fee Does Not
Program Fee
Tuition (3 credits)
• No meals on weekends
and travel days
• Passport & Visa applications
• Excess baggage
Extra Meals that are NOT
PROVIDED, Personal travel money,
and Spending
Estimated Total Cost
See tuition schedule;
included if enrolled fulltime
under 12 credits
• Gratuities
• Medical deductibles
• Immunizations
• Spending money
• Personal travel /excursions
All Fees and payments are NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE