North Norfolk District Council Performance & Risk Management MEMORANDUM

North Norfolk District Council
Performance & Risk Management
Julie Cooke
Karen Sly
David Smith
From: Helen Thomas
22nd May 2012
Review of the use of Ten and proposals for enhancement
The Performance and Risk Management Board tasked me with reviewing our use of Ten and
implementing improvements alongside the review of the Performance Management Framework.
Review process
We (David Ablett, David Smith and myself) have recently carried out a review of our current use of
Ten and its facilities.
We have also assessed our use of Ten against a recent specification for a Performance System
obtained from another local authority. The results of this review showed that Ten delivered the vast
majority of the requirements laid out in the specification (82.5%). In looking at the features Ten did
not provide they were, for the most part, not features NNDC would be likely to use, either because
we already use other tools for these purposes e.g. project management, or they are not required.
As a result David Smith and I are designing a new streamlined performance management system
with easier updating and more accessible reporting.
The assessment against the specification showed that there are two areas where enhancement of
Ten would be very beneficial at NNDC and would provide significant improvements in managing
• Workflow management – ensuring information is provided on time
• Information rich dashboards with drilldown to exception reports
The attached proposal for these enhancements from Hitech, the providers of Ten, outlines the
benefits to be obtained and the costs involved.
Summary of Costs
One off cost in 2012/13 – £5,500
Annual license and maintenance increase - £400 (not payable until December 2012)
In order to build the workflow and dashboards into the new system we are currently building so that
we can report on the first quarter performance in a timely way we would need to get a quick decision
on this proposal.
I would like to discuss this proposal with a view to purchasing these enhancements by the end of