B.S. IN MATHEMATICS AND ECONOMICS Gateway Requirements ______

66 credits (Effective for students entering Fall 2013)
Gateway Requirements
______ ECON-100 Macroeconomics
ECON-200 Microeconomics
MATH-221 Calculus I
STAT-203 Basic Stat w/ Calculus or STAT-202 Basic Statistics (latter with dept. permission)
CSC-280 Introduction to Computer Science
Core Requirements
ECON-400 Intermediate Microeconomics with Calculus
ECON-401 Intermediate Macroeconomics with Calculus
ECON-322 Introduction to Econometrics
One of the following: ECON-480 Senior Research Seminar OR ECON-424 Econometrics II
_______ MATH-222 Calculus II
MATH-310 Linear Algebra (pre-req MATH-222 or concurrently)
MATH-313 Calculus III (pre-req MATH-222)
MATH-501 Probability (pre-req MATH-313)
MATH-503 Foundations of Mathematics (pre-req MATH-222)
STAT-502 Introduction to Mathematical Statistics (pre-req MATH-501)
Math Electives Choose two of the following: 1. _____________
2. ____________
ECON-345/MATH-345 Introduction to Game Theory
MATH-321 Differential Equations
MATH-500 Advanced Calculus of Several Variables
MATH-520 Introduction to Analysis
STAT-525 Statistical Software
STAT-584 Stochastic Processes
(choice of 300- or 500-level courses)
List the number/name of the electives you have taken or plan to take. Also note the semester.
Economics Electives
1. ___________________________
3. ________________________
Notes and Limits on Electives:
ECON-370 may not be taken for credit towards this major.
Up to two electives may be fulfilled by the Washington Economic Policy Semester courses or from study abroad
Up to 3 credit hours of independent reading and independent study courses and internships may be counted as