4/23/2013 I. Call to Order 7:01 II. Roll Call 7:02

Call to Order 7:01
II. Roll Call 7:02
III. Review and Passage of Minutes 7:08
a. 34
b. 0
c. 9
d. Passed
IV. Smith Student Theatre Committee 7:11
a. Dedicated to producing and creating student theater on campus
b. Provide a network for anyone that is interested, not just majors and people taking
c. Four main productions a year, two a semester
d. Main project will be a completely first-year production as the second show of the fall
e. STC will be there as a support system, such as publicizing shows and making sure
there is a performance space
Is now getting chartered to open up this opportunity to everyone that is not part of
the theater department
g. Will have a President, VP, Treasurer, Secretary and two technical coordinators
V. Water Polo Club Charter Presentation 7:26
a. Other five colleges have this
b. Have constructive time to play and learn about the sport
c. There was one previously
d. Open to all five college students (who can swim)
e. About 12 people currently interested
One or two days a week, one hour long
g. Student-lead
h. At first would not play against anyone, but would later play against Five Colleges
Would have a lifeguard on duty, need funding for it
VI. Smith Ukulele Club Charter 7:33
a. Founder already founded similar club in high school
b. Would like to make music more accessible, and ukulele is easy
c. No background would be necessary, would have ukuleles available
d. People with other string interests would be welcome
VII. Green Team Charter Presentation 7:41
a. Originally faculty, staff, and students, but has now become student-lead and -run
b. Have 30 active members
c. Hold meetings every other week
d. 130 people on email list
e. Chartering would allow the group to expand their reach, reserve space, and get
funding to have things off-campus, too
Funding right now comes from SGA Sustainability Chair
DivComm Bylaw Vote 7:50
a. Yes: 42
b. No: 0
c. Abstaining: 1
d. Passed
IX. Senate Bylaw Proposal 8:00
a. At some point the bylaws for SGA secretary were copied into the senate secretary
b. Will be returning to something very similar to the bylaws ten years ago
c. Adding the responsibility of chair of publicity committee
d. Adding a publicity committee
e. Possibly shrink senate:
Not necessary shrink it, but small group discussions are good
ii. Not having the requirement may mean that the senators are all more willing
to be here
Having one senate seat be non-first year priority:
May decrease interest
ii. May be difficult to get interest from non-first years
iii. No very democratic
g. Robert’s Rules of Order (enforced by parliamentarian) may need to be more strictly
laid out, and added back into the bylaws
X. Discussions for Change 8:30
a. Writing thoughts on a piece of paper in order to make a binder for the new VP
b. Reading out feedback from box last meeting:
Senate can be a little too long
ii. Getting cabinet more involved
1. Have them come in sometimes
iii. Sent agenda/charters early
iv. Be more efficient
v. Bring in more controversial issues
c. Discussion:
More senate-sponsored activities
ii. Visit Mount Holyoke senate, or have them come here
iii. Possibly different room
iv. Need to make senate more interesting
XI. Announcements 8:48
a. Tomorrow (April 24th) is Staff Appreciation Day, 11:30am to 1:00pm shifts of half
an hour are available
b. T-shirts are in, collect them after the meeting
c. General interest meeting Thursday in CC 102 7pm Students Organizing for
Undocumented Students
d. Saturday Arabic festival 1 to 5pm, posters outside the CC
e. Ten-minute plays Sunday and 1pm in Mendenhall
Blowout Party Friday 10pm to 2am SACSA wear flag colors Davis
g. Friday 7:30 Take Back the Night on CC steps, vigil, march, and speak out
XII. Nosotr@s Constitution Changes 8:55
a. Cultural and political organization for Latinas on campus
b. Main change is from Nosotras to Nosotr@s, in order to combat the gender binary of
c. Last time this was edited was 2003
d. All meetings will be open, anyone can join
e. Updated some of the positions, and added a Community Service Representative
Make it more of a loose guide
g. Changed language so that anyone can be part of the executive board
h. Active member is now someone who has attended three meetings
Adjourn 9:03