I. Call to order 7:00 II. Speaker: President McCartney 7:00

Call to order 7:00
Speaker: President McCartney 7:00
A. She has office hours, if you have anything you need to talk her about they are
listed in the EDigest
B. Her favorite part of the job is the students
C. Can’t be controlled around boxes of Cheez Its
D. She is trying to eat in as many houses as possible
E. She loves going to sporting events and plays
F. President is a 2­person job, so she is happy to have her husband help her with
things. She hopes he could also be a resource to the students (Bill holds a PhD in
Comparative Lit)
G. She has a twitter
H. The alumnae association is a great resource after you graduate
1. She wants to increase opportunities for current students from alumnae
Next week she is going to London for an alumnae event
J. Women for the World campaign: 200 million of the 450 million (most goes to
financial aid)
K. She went to Tufts, then Yale, then taught at UNH, then Harvard
L. She has worked hard to campaign against bullying
M. She says to set your sights high and use Smith to your advantage
N. Questions:
1. Importance of women’s colleges?
a) Some liberal arts colleges aren’t distinctive, and being a great
women’s college is distinctive.
b) She will put more money into admissions so that we may market
the college better.
c) “The best colleges continue to evolve.”
2. How will you get students perspective for social activism?
a) She and Gloria Steinem are working together.
3. What forums could we use to share our opinions?
a) Talk to her directly.
b) Talk to faculty members.
c) Attend events.
d) Have petitions.
e) Work with student affairs.
Write an op­ed.
4. Where is the rest of the campaign money going?
a) The Wurtele Center.
b) The Spinelli Center.
c) The Art Museum.
d) New professorships.
e) The concentrations.
New Senate Advisor Sarah McGuire 7:32
Roll call 7:32
Pass last meeting’s minutes 7:37
A. Yes: 37
B. No: 1
C. Abstaining: 13
Seven Sister’s Conference Presentation: Srabasti Sarker, Julia Collins & Mengqi Chen
A. Topic was collaboration
B. They talked about collaboration between colleges and within colleges
C. First breakout session was about collaboration within schools
D. The second was about comparing the institutions
E. Continued efforts:
1. Advertising and programming
2. Traditions
3. Seven Sisters Committee
4. Diversity problems
5. Sustainability
House Issues; Plan for breakout session 11/19 7:50
Open forum/ Announcements 7:54
A. Anna Vargas Senate leadership workshop 11/12
B. Wear Senate shirt on Monday
C. Next Tuesday you can come meet your cabinet at Lower Level of the CC
D. First­year bonding activity committee is being created, if you want to join you can
E. No senate the Tuesday before Thanksgiving
Committee Updates 7:55
A. Library hours sent out a survey and needs to talk to staff
B. Gym hours has come up with arguments, and anyone can join
1. Two senators voted in through vote of confidence
2. Aisha Amin
3. Miranda Coleman
C. Healthcare services sent emails to all the relevant people about their concerns
D. Safety issues met with Officer Brown
1. He wants to have walk­in hours to come talk to them
2. Lighting walk will happen
E. Community service committee
1. Looked through handbook, and will post programs on the social network
F. Activities committee
1. Working on meeting to talk about choosing an idea to put into action
G. Dining committee
1. Met with Kathy and Pat and talked extensively about having more and
healthier options