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Three Questions
Negotiations with Iran: Three Questions for Anthony Wanis-St.
Associate Professor Anthony Wanis-St. John, an expert on
international negotiations, describes the prospects for a deal. July
Minors at the Border: Three Questions for Daniel Esser
Assistant Professor Daniel Esser, an expert on aid effectiveness
who has conducted field research in Mexico, explains the root
causes of the influx of minors to the U.S. border and suggests
ways to slow the flow of people. July 22.
Crisis in Iraq: Three Questions for Benjamin Jensen
Scholar-in-Residence Benjamin Jensen, an expert on
international security, explains the precarious situation in Iraq and
outlines next steps. July 10.
Select Recent Op-Eds
Boaz Atzili: A Cycle of
Vicious Hypocrisy, U.S. News
& World Report, July 30
Michael Schroeder: A little
help from our friends:
Canada could help alleviate a
humanitarian crisis, The Hill,
July 30
Jeff Bachman: Why has
Obama rejected a more
humane response to the
hunger strike at Gitmo? The
Hill, July 29
Hillary Mann Leverett and
Flynt Leverett: The Rise of
Israel-Palestine Tensions Rising: Three Questions for Guy Ziv
the Petroyuan and the Slow
Israel-Palestine tensions rose after three missing Israeli teens were
Erosion of Dollar Hegemony,
found dead. Assistant Professor Guy Ziv, an expert on Israel,
World Financial Review, July
provides context and explains what might happen next. July 3.
SIS Research
David Bosco: When the Blue
Helmets Are to Blame,
Foreign Policy, July 22
Professor Investigates Police Repression and Race Riots
Associate Professor Cathy Schneider's new book, Police Power
and Race Riots: Urban Unrest in Paris and New York, traces the
history of urban upheaval in New York and Paris, focusing on the
interaction between police and minority youth. Watch a Spotlight
Video with Professor Schneider.
Guy Ziv: 5 reasons to
resume Mideast peace talks
after Gaza war, The Hill, July
Professor Focuses on Urbanization
Assistant Professor Malini Ranganathan, an urban geography
expert, says new growth brings questions of equality to the
forefront of city planning and development discussions. Watch a
Spotlight Video with Professor Ranganathan.
James Goldgeier: MH17
won't change our relationship
with Russia since there isn't
really any relationship worth
talking about, The Monkey
Cage, The Washington Post,
July 22
Professor's Book Redefines Child Soldiers
Associate Professor Susan Shepler's new book, Childhood
Deployed: Remaking Child Soldiers in Sierra Leone, examines the
difficult reintegration of former child soldiers in Sierra Leone.
James Goldgeier: MH17 is a
tragedy, not a game-changer,
The Monkey Cage, The
Washington Post, July 21
Neil Shenai and David Elam:
Professor Examines Geoengineering
What U.S. should do about
Assistant Professor Simon Nicholson discusses the promise and Islamic State group,
potential downsides of geoengineering solutions to climate change. Newsday, July 17
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Watch a Spotlight Video with Professor Nicholson.
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Spotlight on the MIS program
The Master in International Service (MIS), directed by Claudia
Hofmann, offers opportunities to advanced graduate students and
professionals in the fields of international affairs and international
Michael Schroeder:
Chiseling away at peace in
Syria, The Hill, July 17
Johanna Mendelson
Forman: In defeat, a
teaching moment for Brazil,
The Hill, July 15
Eve Bratman and Adam
Jadhav: How Low-Income
Commuters View Cycling,
CityLab, July 15
Spotlight on the GGPS program
The Global Governance, Politics and Security (GGPS) program,
directed by Michael Schroeder, provides students with the
professional and specialized training and skills necessary to launch Joseph Young and Lionel
careers in international affairs and public service.
Beehner: Is ranking failed or
fragile states a futile
business? The Monkey
Cage, The Washington Post,
July 14
SIS Associate Professor Boaz Atzili received the Edgar S. Furniss
Book Award for his book, Good Fences, Bad Neighbors. The
Furniss Award is given annually at Ohio State University to "an
author whose first book makes an exceptional contribution to the
study of national and international security."
Incoming SIS Assistant Professor Adam Auerbach will be
awarded the 2014 Best Dissertation Award from the Urban Politics
section of the American Political Science Association at its annual
meeting next month for his dissertation, "Demanding Development:
Democracy, Community Governance, and Public Goods Provision
in India's Urban Slums."
Ibn Khaldun Chair of Islamic Studies Akbar Ahmed's book, The
Thistle and the Drone: How America's War on Terror Became a
Global War on Tribal Islam, received the gold award in the political
science category of the Foreword IndieFab Awards.
Amitav Acharya: The
Post-American Multiplex
World, The Huffington Post,
July 14
Robin Broad: Why are so
many kids crossing the
US-Mexico border and what
should Obama do? The Hill,
July 10
Gordon Adams: Magic
Money and Budgetary
Malpractice, Foreign Policy,
July 9
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