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As an ongoing effort to leverage the services of the University’s on-campus bank and to tighten internal
controls over cash processes, the front-end cashier function currently offered through the Student
Accounts cashier window will no longer be available, effective October 1, 2012. Over the summer, the
Offices of Student Accounts and Treasury Operations have been working with the campus business
officers to decentralize the front-end University cashiering activities from the current location at 300
Asbury to the on-campus Capital One Bank and to the individual Schools and Departments.
Departmental Deposits
All departmental deposits will be accepted at the Capital One on-campus branch through the teller
windows. We have begun distributing Capital One Bank deposit forms to the individual departments
and/or school business offices and have attached the new AU Departmental Deposit Form to this e-mail.
Capital One Bank will capture the departmental deposit forms in a drop box located behind the teller
line. An accountant from the Office of Student Accounts will pick up the previous day’s deposits each
morning and will continue to process the back-end cashier activities by recording the data on the forms
on the general ledger.
Credit Card Payment Processing
Credit card transactions that had previously been brought to the cashier’s office by individual
departments will now be processed within the School and/or department business office. Treasury
Operations is working with the Schools to provide a merchant account and ID, the appropriate credit
card equipment, and training to handle these transactions by the transition date. Many schools are
already taking their own credit card payments, so this process will now include all schools and
Petty Cash Reimbursements
Cash reimbursements for miscellaneous employee expenses (referred to as Petty Cash reimbursements)
will no longer be processed at the cashier window. Departments have been asked to either obtain a
Petty Cash fund to reimburse their own employees or for employees to accumulate receipts until they
reach at least $25, at which point the Accounts Payable department will process an expense
reimbursement. The Petty Cash reimbursement process had been lacking controls, since cashiers could
not verify approvals when receipts were presented, therefore, this process should improve controls
around these types of reimbursements.
Student Tuition Payments
Students needing to pay their account by check at the AU Central office will be given a pre-printed
envelope and directed to drop their payment in the tuition drop box within the AU Central office.
Please see the attached PDF document which further details the procedures necessary to properly
process these transactions. Additionally, you should contact your school business/budget officer or
myself if you have any questions regarding the transition.