Michigan Technological University Center for Diversity and Inclusion

Michigan Technological University
Center for Diversity and Inclusion
Partners in the Michigan Tech MiCUP program will assist you with
more information on how to participate and take advantage of these
opportunities. Please contact one of the following partners for more
Michigan Technological University Center for Diversity and Inclusion
Kellie Raffaelli, Assistant Director and MiCUP Coordinator
[email protected] -- 906-487-2920
Houghton, MI 49931-- www.mtu.edu
Summer Research Internship
The MiCUP program encourages community
college students to continue to follow their dreams
of a higher education. For those who come from a
low-income background and/or who are the first
in their family to go to college, MiCUP makes the
transition to a four-year university an achievable
goal, and is targeted specifically to students
interested in science, technology, engineering, and
mathematics (STEM).
Selected students from Delta College, Grand
Rapids Community College, and Wayne County
Community College District attend a unique sevenweek summer research internship at Michigan Tech,
where they:
Delta College
Linda Holoman, Director of Student Diversity and Inclusion Programs
[email protected] -- 989-686-9673
University Center, MI -- www.delta.edu
Grand Rapids Community College
Anna Maria Clark, Program Adviser
[email protected] -- 616-234-4150
Grand Rapids, MI -- www.grcc.edu
Wayne County Community College District
Yolanda Russel, Transfer Coordinator
[email protected] -- 313-496-2673
Judith Smouter, District Associate Vice Chancellor of Student Services
[email protected]
Detroit, MI - www.wcccd.edu
Michigan College
and University
Michigan’s Louis Stokes
Alliance for Minority
Participation (MI-LSAMP)
live in a Michigan Tech residence hall,
a university-level course in the major they
are interested in, and
with a faculty or staff mentor on a research
MiCUP is a partnership of Michigan Technological University’s Center for
Diversity and Inclusion with Delta College, Grand Rapids Community College,
and Wayne Country Community College. The MiCUP program evolved from the
King-Chavez-Parks Initiative that Michigan’s Department of Labor and Economic
Growth established in 2000 to give the state’s most educationally disadvantaged
citizens an opportunity to complete college degrees, preferably in STEM fields,
and obtain employment. In 2010, the King Chavez Parks Initiative awarded
Michigan Tech a six-year grant in partnership with the Louis Stokes Alliance for
Minority Participation (MI-LSAMP) to continue this shared goal.
Michigan Technological University
Center for Diversity and Inclusion
As part of the MiCUP Summer Research Internship
students will receive:
nRoom, board, and
meals in a Michigan Tech residence hall
for a three-credit university summer course
opportunity to develop a professional research poster
with your faculty/staff mentor
earning potential (Bureau of Labor estimates that
someone with a bachelor’s degree earns about 30% more in
weekly wages than someone with an associate’s degree.)
In the MiCUP summer program, students
learn by doing, the best approach to succeeding in the
STEM disciplines. Coordinated at Michigan Tech by the Center for
Diversity and Inclusion, MiCUP shows students what it is like to live
and study on a university campus, how to navigate challenges, and
how to make the most of opportunities.
The summer experience also includes recreational activities, tutoring
sessions, social events, and weekly meetings with MiCUP directors
to ensure that students are prepared for a smooth and positive
transition to a university environment.
Students who are interested in applying to MiCUP must:
nHave earned a minimum 2.80 GPA
nCompleted at least one year at community college
nWish to continue their education at a four-year institution
Interested students should contact their TRiO coordinator/MiCUP
liaison for the application and deadline information.
MiCUP’s Summer Research Internship begins the first week of May
and continues through June. The required orientation weekend starts
the Friday before the program begins.
Here, everyone fits in and everyone
works together. Everyone has the same
kind of goals.❞
Donzell Dixson Saginaw, MI
Michigan Tech junior in Finance
Coming up here exposed me to a lifestyle in
I was immersed with all these really
smart people. It was the proper environment
for me to grow. I needed to be here.❞
Armando Flores Saginaw, MI
Michigan Tech senior in Communications, Culture, and Media
Ellesse Bess
MiCUP alumna
Michigan Tech graduate ‘13
Chemical engineering PhD student,
Northwestern University
“You could not have told me in 2010 that I would
be doing this now. I did not know that accepting
my invitation into the MiCUP program would be the key to a
door with unlimited options. MiCUP afforded me the opportunity
to begin developing a strong professional network, honing my
skills as a researcher, and figuring out my next steps in continuing
my education. I joined Michigan Tech in the summer following
the MiCUP program because I loved it that much! I appreciate
everything that MiCUP gave me. Had it not been for that summer,
I wouldn’t be the person I am in the position I am in today!”
Reginald Hicks
Michigan Tech senior
Business Marketing major
“MiCUP provided me with a fresh, clean start
on life with a new perspective. MiCUP has not
only given me the confidence to live life to
its fullest, it has also given me the courage to
study abroad. Currently, I am in Costa Rica obtaining my minor
in global business. With MiCUP, the opportunities are endless.
My ‘cup’ continues to run over with new experiences, new
viewpoints, and new outlooks on life.”
would recommend it to anybody. A
student like myself or a
younger student right out of high school.
I’ve learned so much since MiCUP.❞
Darlene Eppes Detroit, MI
Michigan Tech junior in electrical engineering