– Record and report test results Worksheet Complete the following details:

Worksheet – Record and report test results
Complete the following details:
Name of Instructor
To record your answers for the activities and tasks, you will need to:
1) click in the text boxes
2) type your response
When you close the document you will be prompted to save your changes. Save the document to your computer hard drive
or a removable storage device such as a USB drive.
When finished, print it and keep it with the other forms and records. You may be required to submit this document as part
of your evidence of learning for this task. Please check with your instructor or team leader.
Based on the test results and the hi / low results given by the AWQC, answer the following
Why is a high / low range given for the tests?
Would you be concerned about the pH result from the first sample being at the upper level of the
Why is more than one sample given by the ADWC?
Worksheet – Record and report test results
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Why don’t you receive the high / low value before conducting the tests?
Is there a reading which may be of concern?
What could cause the issue?
Worksheet – Record and report test results
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