HU Accomplishments:


HU Accomplishments:

Stephanie Carpenter had a visiting fellowship for Historical Research at the

American Antiquarian Society, and she had artist residency fellowships at the Ragdale Foundation and the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center.

Bob Johnson’s book Romancing the Atom was selected as the 2014 Best

Book in Technical and Scientific Communication from National Council of

Teachers of English.

Yoopera!, the documentary film produced by Erin Smith and STC alumna

Suzanne Jurva was selected for inclusion in the Milwaukee Film Festival.

Abraham Romney received a research travel grant from the International

Society for the History of Rhetoric

Patty Sotirin will receive the 2015 Feminist Teacher Mentor Award from the

Organization for Language, Gender and Culture. Also, her article was a runner-up in the competition for the best article of the year in Organization

Management Journal.

Dana Van Kooy received a Mayer Fellowship for research at the

Huntington Library.

Beatrice Smith and the ESL faculty guided the process of accreditation of our Intensive English as Second Language (IESL) Program. We received the highest level of initial accreditation– 5 years.