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Minor in French International
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Primary Major: ____________________________ Expected Major Completion Term: __________________
Required Courses (9 credits)
B. Elective Courses (3 credits)
_____ HU2273 Transitional Level I French Language and Culture
_____ HU3271 Level II-A French Language and Culture
_____ HU3272 Level II-B French Language and Culture
A. Elective Courses (9 credits)
_____ HU3273 Level II French Composition and Conversation
_____ HU3274 Level III Topics in French Literature and Culture
_____ HU3275 Level III French for Special Purposes
_____ HU4271 Modern Lang. Sem. I-French: Lang. & Power
_____ HU4272 Modern Lang. Sem. II-French: Indiv. & Society
_____ HU4273 Modern Lang. Sem. III-French: Tech. in Lit. & Film
 Completed Study/Work/Service abroad requirement
Location: ____________________________
Semester/Year: _______________________
_____ HU3261 Topics in Communicating Across
_____HU3262 Topics in Francophone Cultures
_____ HU3545 Literature Across Borders
_____ HU4060 Humanities Workshop (var. 1-3 credits)
_____ SS3400 Contemporary Europe
_____ SS3570 History of Canada
_____ UN3002 Coop Laboratory (2 cr)
_____Other approved courses taken abroad
Credits Required = 21*
*A minimum of 9 credits is required at the
3000-level or higher
Courses listed in this minor have the following prerequisites (shown in parenthesis). Concurrency is illustrated by the letter C:
HU3271 (HU2272 or HU2273), HU3272 (HU3271), HU3273 (HU2272 or HU2273), HU3274 (HU3272 or HU3273), HU3275
(HU3272 or HU3273), HU4271 (HU3274 or HU3275), HU4272 (HU3274 or HU3275), HU4273 (HU3274 or HU3275), HU3261
Minor Advisor
Academic Year 2016-17
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