Key UCL Tasks

Key UCL Tasks
Overall Goals
Using his experiences from UCL as well as his qualifications in his career
Networking with UCL alumni and business
Keeping up to date with UCL research, people and events
1. Keeping up to date with department activity
Browse his department
page to check for
recent activity.
Read summaries
of recent
publications or
watch videos
about research
Sign up for alerts
or alumni
newsletters and
read them.
Studying his subject as a hobby in his free time
Cross channel strategy
Key UCL Tasks
2. Keeping up to date with friends
1. Keep up to date with specific happenings related to his
am much more interested in hearing
from my department rather than from
UCL as a whole”
3. Look for possible business opportunities to engage
further with UCL.
ohn graduated from UCL three years ago,
studying History. He is now working as a
researcher for a private company and studies
his favourite topics in history as a hobby. He
is interested to read about what all his former
lecturers are doing and to read new articles
or papers submitted by the UCL History
department. John still lives in London and
so looks out for UCL events that interest him
and has attended a few in the past. However
he works abroad sometimes and visits other
universities around Europe.
Search UCL site
for information
about alumni groups.
2. Keep up to date with UCL friends.
4. Read about current and upcoming events at UCL, or
visit UCL campuses independently.
• Check league tables in the newspaper.
• Look at the UCL careers service (only when currently
Browse department
site for possible jobs,
further study, research
opportunities or
collaborations with
Social Media
General social media usage
Keep an eye out
for any business or
opportunities by
reading news
If currently
unemployed, check
the general UCL
careers service
for anything of
Links to business-focussed
UCL sites
• Find out about opportunities to support or advise current
Devices used for UCL
Browse these
groups and UCL
site for reunions.
3. Looking for further opportunities with UCL
other countries.
Look for possible
opportunities or
work experience.
Social media strategy
• Check LinkedIn and Facebook for UCL alumni groups in
UCL students.
Look on
Google and
LinkedIn for
alumni groups.
Find the contact details
of people that might
know of future opportunities, most likely in his
own department.
Find out how UCL
support and advise
current students or
fund projects and
see how he can
Donation journey. Online giving
& supporter/donor relations
4. Read about current and upcoming events at UCL
Look at a calendar
of events and flag
any of interest.
Look up event
information, find
on a map and
attend the event.
Read about or
watch videos of
recent events.
Cross channel strategy
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