Cruise Activity Request (CAR) Form

Cruise Activity Request (CAR) Form
Revised for UVIS 02/14/00
Observation Name: URSTAR
Submitted By: Joshua Colwell, Michel Festou. Jan. 10, 2001
Measurement Objective: Star intensity and transmitted spectrum during occultation of star by
rings. Scattered sunlight and Saturnshine spectra of rings at ends of slit.
Scientific Objective: High resolution radial profiles of ring optical depth at multiple azimuths
provide information on ring structure and dynamics and interactions with moons, and particle
sizes. Reflected solar spectrum and transmitted stellar spectrum for ring composition and size
Activity Description: Point UVIS HSP to star prior to occultation start. Orient slit
perpendicular to rings if possible. Stare at star (track [RA, DEC] on SKY). Record HSP data
and FUV spectra. For some stars, also record EUV spectra.
Activity Start Time : (at least provide an activity window)
See attached list.
Activity Duration: (per iteration)
Variable. See attached list.
Number Of Iterations:
See attached list.
Interval Between Iterations:
Variable. See attached list.
Target : (for example: Titan)
SKY (various stars). See attached list.
Pointing: (feature or position on target, slit orientation, module used…)
HSP to star. Slit orientation parallel to occultation path. ORSOCC module (fixed inertial
Estimated Data Volume: (in Mbits) Variable. See attached list.
Instrument Set Up: (use ODC’s from ODH or suggest alternative setup)
HSP: IP = 0.002 sec; DPR = 4.5 kbps; PPR = 33.8 packets/64 seconds.
FUV: Option A: Window 1: [0,63], [1023,0], XBIN=8, YBIN=1; IP = 16 sec; DPR = 4.608
kbps; PPR = 34.8 packets/64 seconds.
Option B: Window 1: [0,63], [1023, 50], XBIN=8, YBIN=1. Window 2: [0,36], [1023, 27],
XBIN=8, YBIN=10. Window 3: [0,13], [1023,0], XBIN=8, YBIN=1; IP = 16 sec; DPR =
2.088 kbps; PPR = 15.9 packets/64 seconds.
EUV (if on): Window 1: [0,63], [1023,0], XBIN=8, YBIN=1; IP = 16 sec; DPR = 4.608 kbps;
PPR = 34.8 packets/64 seconds.
Total packet production rate (without EUV, and FUV Option A): 68.6 packets/64 seconds.
Telemetry rate: OCC mode = 236 packets/64 seconds.
Notes: (any special characteristics, or requirements that go beyond the above information)
Data collection is continuous. In the event of a conflict, a partial observation is still useful and