CH908, Problem set 1

CH908, Problem set 1
1. What is the mass, in Daltons, of a 337 nm photon?
2. What is the monoisotopic mass of C60? What is the
monoisotopic m/z value of C60-? What is the monoisotopic mass
of C60H+?
3. a. Calculate the masses and isotopic distributions for Cs2I+,
Cs3I2+, Cs4I3+, Cs5I4+. Would these ions have any special usage
in mass spectrometry?
b. Calculate the masses and isotopic distributions for Na2Cl+,
Na3Cl2+, Na4Cl3+, Na5Cl4+.
c. Calculate the abundance of the first three isotopic peaks for
C60, assuming a 13C abundance of 1.1%.
d. Calculate the masses and abundances of the most abundant
10 isotopic peaks of cholesterol, C27H46O.
4. Estimate the resolving power for the following examples:
5. What elemental compositions are possible for a positive ion
molecule of mass 386.3542 +/- 5 ppm? What about a neutral
fragment loss of 43.0184 +/- 100 ppm? Assume Carbon,
Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, and Sulfur. Explain how you
determine the possible compositions.
6. Calculate the R+DB of each elemental composition listed in
question 5.
7. How many hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, chlorine,
bromine, phosphorus, and sulfur atoms are possible in the
following example isotopic patterns?
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