Keir Moulton

Keir Moulton
Department of Linguistics
Simon Fraser University
9201 Robert C. Brown Hall
8888 University Drive,
Burnaby BC V5A 1S6
Assistant Professor, tenure-track, Simon Fraser University
Visiting Assistant Professor, UCLA
Post-doctoral Fellow (SSHRC), McGill University
University of Wisconsin, Madison, Lecturer
778.782.9390 (office)
[email protected]∼kmoulton/
Visiting Professor, Hebrew University of Jerusalem,
April 2017
Dept. of Language, Logic and Cognition and Halbert Centre for Canadian Studies
Teacher, Göttingen Spirit Summer School on Complex Clauses
August 2016
Visiting Professor, University of Vienna
May–June 2014
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Ph.D., September 2009
Dissertation: “Natural Selection and the Syntax of Clausal Complementation”
Committee: Kyle Johnson and Angelika Kratzer (chairs), Rajesh Bhatt
University of Toronto M.A. Linguistics, September 2002
University of Toronto B.A. Hons., English Literature and Linguistics, May 2001
Journals &
to appear. with Runner, Jeffrey T. Accusative Plus Infinitive Constructions in English.
The Companion to Syntax. 2nd Edition. Martin Everaert and Henk van Riemsdijk, eds.
2015. CPs: Copies and Compositionality. Linguistic Inquiry 46:2. 305–342
2014. Simple event nominalizations: Roots and their interpretation. Cross-linguistic
Investigations of Nominalization Patterns. Paul, Ileana, editor. Linguistik Aktuell/Linguistics
Today 210. John Benjamins. 119–144.
2013. Raising from the Dead. Linguistic Inquiry 44:1.157–167.
2013. Not Moving Clauses: Connectivity in Clausal Arguments. Syntax 16:3. 250–
2006. Processing elided verb phrases with flawed antecedents: the recycling hypothesis. Journal of Memory and Language 55.2: 232-246. Co-authored with Arregui, Ana,
Charles Clifton, and Lyn Frazier.
Under Review
with Queenie Chan, Tanie Cheng, Chung-hye Han, Kyeong-min Kim, and
Sophie Nickel-Thompson. Focus on Cataphora: Experiments in Context. Linguistic
with Nino Grillo. Sorting out Pseudo-Relatives: Clausal determiners and mediated
Moulton CV — Page 1— Updated: May 2016
Agree. Natural Language and Linguistic Theory.
to appear. with Nino Grilllo.. Event Kinds and the Pseudo-Relative. In Proceedings of
the Forty-sixth Annual Meeting of the North East Linguistics Society (NELS 46). Prickett,
Brandon and Christopher Hammerly, editors. GLSA.
2015. with Nino Grillo. Pseudo-Relatives: Big and Direct. In Proceedings of the FortyFifth Annual Meeting of the North East Linguistics Society (NELS 45). Volume 2. Bui,
Thuy and Denis Ozyildiz, editors. GLSA Amherst. pp.193–202.
2013. What covaries in backward variable binding. In Proceedings of the Forty-Second
Annual Meeting of the North East Linguistics Society (NELS 42). [Held in Fall 2011]
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2013. Small Clause Subjects do Reconstruct. In Proceedings of the Forty-First Annual
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2008. From False Belief to False Ascription. Language Acquisition and Development:
Proceedings of GALA 2007. A. Gavaó and M. João Freitas, editors. Cambridge Scholars
Publishing, Newcastle, UK. Co-authored with Helen Stickney and Thomas Roeper.
2008. Clausal Complementation and the Wager-class. In the Proceedings of the North
East Linguistics Society (NELS 38). A. Schardl, and M. Walkow, editors. GLSA Publications: Amherst, MA. 165–178
2007. Small Antecedents: Syntax or Pragmatics? In the Proceedings of the North East
Linguistics Society (NELS 37). Elfner, E. and M. Walkow, editors. GLSA Publications:
Amherst, MA.
2004. with Matthew Wolf. editors. Proceedings of the North East Linguistics Society
(NELS 34) Volumes I and II. GLSA: Amherst, MA.
Working Papers
2004. External Arguments and Gerunds. Toronto Woking Papers in Linguistics 21. C.
Frigeni, ed. University of Toronto Graduate Students Association: Toronto.
2003. Deep allophones in the Old English laryngeal system. Toronto Woking Papers
in Linguistics 20: 157173. D.C. Hall, ed. University of Toronto Graduate Students
Association: Toronto.
Invited Talks and 2017. WCCFL 35. TBA. University of Calgary.
2016. Humboldt Universität zu Berlin. “Ingredients of Embedding: Clausal determiners and Clausal Nominalization.” April 12.
2016. University of Toronto. “Ingredients of Embedding.” February 4.
2015. University of California, Santa Cruz. Guest lecturer in Amy Rose Deal’s Graduate Syntax Seminar. May 14.
2015. Memorial University Newfoundland. “When Big Clauses describe small events:
the case of the pseudo-relative.” Feb 13.
Moulton CV — Page 2— Updated: May 2016
2015. University of Victoria Colloquium series. “Only some CPs saturate in-situ (and
only these allow Raising).” January 29.
2014. Rutgers University. “Transparency and complementation: what the pseudorelative tells us about embedding and attitudes.” Presentation at the Workshop on
Clausal Complementation: New Perspectives. October.
2014. University College London. “Raising CPs and raising out of them.” June 19.
2013. Department of Linguistics, McGill University. Syntax-semantics Reading Group.
“Separating Crossover from Cataphora, Experimentally.” Nov 9.
2013. Department of Linguistics, McGill University. Invited lecture in Seminar LING
417, Junko Shimoyama, instructor. “Compositionality of Pseudo-relatives.” Nov 11.
2013. Linguistics Department, University of Maryland. “Evidence and Scope in Small
Clauses.” June.
2013. University of Alberta, Linguistics Department Colloquium Series. “Small Antecedents: syntax, discourse and pragmatics.” April.
2013. University of British Columbia, Linguistics Department, Colloquium Series.
“Bound Cataphora: D-type pronouns, causatives, and amnestying WCO.” April.
2013. “Bound Variable pronouns: Logic, Semantics, Syntax and Processing.” Defining Cognitive Science Colloquium Series. Simon Fraser University. January 23.
2012. “Relativizing Clauses and Nominalizing Clause-takers.” Nominalization Workshop, Western University. May 25-27.
2012. “What co-varies in Backward Variable Binding”. Invited talk, University of
Massachusetts, Amherst, MA. May 12.
2012. “Clause Positions”. Invited talk, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada.
February 13.
2011. “CPs don’t saturate: Explaining the distribution of clausal complements.”
Invited talks at McGill University (Jan 21), University of Ottawa (Jan 24), GeorgAugust-Universität (Göttingen) (Feb 22), University of California, Santa Cruz (Feb
2011. “Evidence and quantification in Raising constructions.” Invited talk. TorontoOttawa-Montréal (TOM) Semantics Workshop, University of Toronto. April 15.
2010. “What ECM means but not why.” Invited Talk. Toronto-Ottawa-Montréal
(TOM) Semantics Workshop, McGIll University. March 10.
2009. “(Not) Moving Clauses.” Invited talk, McGill University. September 27.
2008. “Introducing Clausal Complements.” Invited talk, MIT February 4.
2016. (with Elizabeth Bogal-Allbritten and Junko Shimoyama). Stay Inside: The
Interpretation of Internally-Headed Relative Clauses in Navajo. Talk at Association
canadienne de linguistique / Canadian Linguistic Association 2016, University of
Moulton CV — Page 3— Updated: May 2016
2016. (with Nino Grillo). Exceptional Agreement in Italian Pseudo-Relatives. Talk
at Association canadienne de linguistique / Canadian Linguistic Association 2016,
University of Calgary.
2016. (with Nino Grillo). Clausal Determiners and Long Distance AGREE in Italian. 39th GLOW Colloquium (Generative Linguistics in the Old World). Göttingen,
2016. (with Nino Grillo). Kind of Perfect. Incontro di Grammatica Generativa IGG42,
2016. (with Nino Grillo) Clausal Determiners and Long Distance AGREE in Italian.
IGG42 Incontro di Grammatica Generativa IGG42, Lecce.
2016. (with Kyeong-min Kim and Chung-hye Han) The syntax of null objects: evidence from inter-speaker variation. The 26th Annual CUNY conference on Human
Sentence Processing (CUNY2016). University of Florida, March 3-5.
2015. (with Nino Grillo) Event Kinds and the Pseudo-Relative. Poster presentation
at the North East Linguistics Society (NELS) 46, Concordia University, Montreal.
2015. (with Kyeong-min Kim and Chung-hye Han) Syntax of the Korean VP anaphor:
An experimental study. Presented as (International Conference on Korean Linguistics) ICKL19 and Harvard-ISOKL16. Chicago. 24–26 July 2015.
2015 (with Nino Grillo) “Mismatching Pseudo-Relatives Describe Event Kinds.” Talk
at GLOW Colloquium 38 States and Events Workshop. April 18, Paris.
2014 (with Nino Grillo) “Pseudo-relatives: Big but Transparent.” Poster presentation
at the North East Linguistics Society (NELS) 45, MIT.
2013 “Why is weak crossover so weak?” Canadian Linguistics Association, University
of Victoria.
2012. “The ‘makings’ of a successful crossover.” Annual Meeting of the Linguistics
Society of America (LSA). Portland, OR. January.
2011. “What co-varies in backward variable binding.” Poster presentation at NELS
42, University of Toronto.
2011. “A new argument for small clauses.” Talk presented at GLOW 34, Vienna.
2010. “Small clause subjects do Reconstruct.” NELS 41, University of Pennsylvania.
2010. “Variable Binding, Reconstruction and Attitudes.” MOSAIC 2 (Meeting of Semanticists Active in Canada), McGill University, May.
2010. “Apparent Reconstruction effects and fronted clauses.” presented to the Canadian Linguistics Association. Concordia University, May.
2008. “Complementation and the wager-class.” Annual Meeting of the Linguistic
Moulton CV — Page 4— Updated: May 2016
Society of America (LSA), Chicago, Il.
2007. “Clausal Complementation and the Derived Object Paradigm.” NELS 38. University of Ottawa.
2007. “Athapaskan Internal Heads are Definitely not Indefinite.” SULA 4 (Semantics
of Under-represented Languages of the Americas), University of São Paulo.
2007. with Stickney, H. and T. Roeper. “False Belief, False Ascription and the Logic
of Comparison.” GALA (Generative Approaches to Language Acquisition).
2007. “Revisiting Postal’s DOC: Lethal A-positions.” ECO5. University of Massachusetts, Amherst.
2006. “Small Antecedents: Syntax or pragmatics?” NELS 37, University of Illinois,
2005. “Strong reflexivity and Attitudes de se: Evidence from ECM.” ConSOLE XVI,
University of the Basque County, Spain.
2005. “Reflexives and de se.” presented at SNEWS, University of Connecticut.
2003. “The diachrony of CP.” presented to the Canadian Linguistic Association
(CLA), Dalhousie University, Halifax.
2002. “Deep Allophones.” presented to the Canadian Linguistics Association (CLA),
University of Toronto.
2002. “Voicing Opposition in Old English fricative allophones.” presented at the
Montreal-Ottawa-Toronto (MOT) Phonology Workshop, McGill University.
2002. “Syntactic Clitics and Bound pronouns.” Presented at the Groundhog Day
Binding Workshop, University of Toronto.
Moulton CV — Page 5— Updated: May 2016
• Research Grant; Awarded: 2015; Period:2015–2020;
Project Title: Non-Canonical Relative Clauses: Universals and Variation in
Funding: SSHRC Insight Grant; Type: External; Total: $268,356;
Involvement: Co-applicant
Applicant: Junko Shimoyama (McGill)
• Research Grant; Awarded: 2014; Period:2014–2016;
Project Title: Experiment and Theory at the Syntax-Semantics Interface;
Funding: SSHRC Insight Development Grant; Type: External; Total: $68,070;
Involvement: Principal Investigator
Collaborator: Chung-hye Han (SFU)
Ranking among emerging scholars: 1/43.
• Research Grant; Awarded: 2013; Period:2013–2015;
Project Title: On-line Processing of pronouns
Funding: Small SSHRC SFU; Type: Internal; Total: $6,988;
Involvement: Principal Investigator
• Research Grant; Awarded: 2013; Period:2012–2014;
Project Title: Relative Clauses
Funding: Endowed Research Fellowship Type: Internal; Total: $5,000;
Involvement: Principal Investigator
• Research Grant; Awarded: 2013; Period:2012–2015;
Project Title: Comprehension of pronouns
Funding: President’s Research Start-up Grant; Type: Internal; Total: $17,500;
Involvement: Principal Investigator
Reviewing: Linguistic Inquiry, Syntax, Lingua, Natural Language and Linguistic Theory, Natural Language Semantics, Semantics and Pragmatics, Journal of Semantics, Studia
Linguistica, , Frontiers in Psychology: Language Sciences; SALT, GLOW, WCCFL, NELS,
LSA, Sinn und Bedeutung (SuB), Modality across Categories (workshop, Barcelona),
Pronouns Workshop (Tübingen), Linguistics and Philosophy
March 2013 - current
Editorial Board, Semantics and Pragmatics
Programme Committee, Canadian Linguistics Association
Oct.2012 – Current
Oct. 2012 – Current
Oct. 2013 – Jan. 2014
Oct. 2013 – Current
Chair, Colloquium committee, Linguistics SFU
Member, Graduate Studies Committee, Linguistics
Member, Tenure and Promotion Committee, Linguistics SFU
Chair, Colloquium committee (SFU)
Coordinator, UMass Colloquium Series
Moulton CV — Page 6— Updated: May 2016
Conference organization
Co-organizer, West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics (WCCFL) 33, with Chung-hye Han
Co-organizer, DGfS (Deutschen Gesellschaft für Sprachwissenschaft) Workshop: “The Grammar of Attitudes.”
Göttingen, Germany, February 2011; with Magdelena
Schwager and Ilaria Frana
Elizabeth Bogal-Allbritten (Post-doctoral Fellow). September 2015–
Nikolaos Angelopolous, External committee member, PhD, UCLA. In progress.
Kyeong-min Kim, Korean Third-Person pronouns and Bound Variable Anaphora. Committee member, PhD, SFU. In progress.
Mathieu Dovan, Title TBA. MA, Simon Fraser University. In progress.
Mina Sugimura, Domain Extension: A Study of Restructuring Predicates in Japanese and
the role of Head Movement. Committee member, PhD, McGill University. 2012.
Rebecca Shields. Intervention and Rescue: Arguments for Representational Constraints on
Syntactic Dependencies. Committee member, PhD, University of Wisconsin, Madison.
Alexandra Galambos. “Aspect and veridicality: evidence from Russian.” Committee
member, Qualifying paper. University of Wisconsin, Madison. 2009.
RA Supervision
Queenie Chan (MA), Experimental Syntax Lab (SFU), Jan 2015–Current
Tanie Cheng (BA), Experimental Syntax Lab (SFU), Oct. 2014–Current
Sophie Nickel-Thompson (BA), Experimental Syntax Lab (SFU), Oct. 2014–Current
Kyeong-min Kim (PhD), Experimental Syntax Lab (SFU), Jan. 2013–Dec 2013
Mathieu Dovan (MA), Experimental Syntax Lab (SFU), Jan. 2013–Current
Meghan Jeffrey (MA), Experimental Syntax Lab (SFU), Jan. 2013-July 2014
Sept 2012–present
– Graduate/Undergraduate seminar in Sentence Processing LING 481/812 Spring
– Graduate seminar in semantics/syntax LING 480/801 Spring 2013
– LING 801 (graduate syntax) Fall 2013
– LING 222 (intermediate undergraduate syntax) Fall 2012, Spring 2014, Fall 2014
– LING 322 (advanced undergraduate syntax) Spring 2013, Spring 2014, Spring 2015
– LING 301 (analysis and argumentation) Fall 2014
Sept 2011–2012
– Graduate Seminar: semantics and syntax
– Ling120B: Syntax Fall 2011
– Linguistics 1, Introduction to the Study of Language (General education course;
enrolment: 376)
McGill University
January 2010–Fall 2011
– Graduate level semantics (co-taught with Bernhard Schwarz) Fall 2010
Moulton CV — Page 7— Updated: May 2016
– Advanced Syntax-Semantics Seminar (Topic: Embedding and Clause size)
– Structure of English (intermediate undergraduate syntax) Fall 2010
University of Wisconsin, Madison
September 2008–2009
– Intermediate Undergraduate syntax, Fall 2008, Spring 2009
– Graduate level syntax, Spring 2009
– Advanced Syntax-Semantics Seminar, Fall 2008
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
– Teaching Associate, Intro to Linguistic Theory (Fall 2006–2007, Spring 2008)
– Research Assistant fo NSF Grant to Prof. B. Patee (2006–2007)
– Research Assistant fo NSF Grant to Prof. P. Speas (2006–2008)
– Research Assistant Eye-tracking Lab, Lyn Frazier, Charles Clifton (2005–2006)
Professor Kyle Johnson
Department of Linguistics
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
[email protected]
(413) 545-6840
Office: ILC N452 650 North Pleasant St.
Professor Angelika Kratzer
Department of Linguistics
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
[email protected]
(413) 545-6892
Office: ILC N420 650 North Pleasant St.
Professor Lyn Frazier
Department of Linguistics
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
[email protected]
(413) 545-6827
Office: ILC N404 650 North Pleasant St.
Moulton CV — Page 8— Updated: May 2016
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