SENIORS, Tell PVAMU what you think! Survey 1:

SENIORS, Tell PVAMU what you think!
Survey 1:
Student engagement represents two critical features of PVAMU’s quality: 1) time and effort spent
on studies and educationally purposeful activities; and 2) how institutional resources, courses,
and other opportunities have facilitated your participation in learning.
Improve PVAMU by completing this 15-minute survey today. Do the following:
Find the message from President George C. Wright in your student email.
Follow the link to the survey and enter your response.
Click submit. You’ll be entered into a drawing for one of four gift cards of $25 to $50 each.
Survey 2:
The GPI asks questions to see how you view yourself within a cultural heritage, and how you
relate to others from different cultures, backgrounds and values.
This survey takes about 8 minutes. You do not need to spend a lot of time reflecting on the
questions. Your first reaction is likely the best. To complete the survey, do the following:
Navigate to the following URL:
Click on “Complete the GPI Now!”
Enter code #1301
Complete the survey and submit your responses.
If you have any questions, contact Dr. James M. Palmer at