PNWCG Steering Committee October 17, 2001 Meeting Notes Participants:

PNWCG Steering Committee
October 17, 2001
Meeting Notes
Cory Winnie
Leo Sidebotham
Mark Forbes
Rick Gibson
Earl Cordes
Pam Ensley
Ken Snell
John Viada
Bob Anderson
Tom Schmidt
Terry Brown
Barbara Kennedy
Paul Werth
Mike Dykzuel
Interagency Engine Tender Crew Agreement issues- Terry Brown (See issue paper)
Decision: Training Working Team will be assigned a task to develop a process to
monitor /evaluate contractor training in accordance with the MOU. One of the
alternatives may include contracting the monitoring.
Decision: Adopt 2001 NWCG 310-1 standards for the Interagency Engine Tender
Crew agreements.
Decision: The ODF Steering Committee Liaison will remain the contact for the
Contract Committee.
Follow-up For November meeting: Contract committee to staff out needs for the
agreement administration, i.e. equipment inspection and training records,
computer support, etc. and bring the proposal for consideration.
Staff out the financial/staffing issues of signing crews up after the cut off date.
National NWS/NWCG Agreement-Paul Werth (Draft Agreement)
Decision: Weather working team to draft letter to NWCG for Mark’s signature to
include following points:
 Agreement is unacceptable in current form.
 List initial unacceptable issues.
 Request that NWCG develop adequate time and process to negotiate
Offer Northwest Assistance.
Aviation Policies-Virginia Lake- John Viada
Decision: Aviation Working Team task order to review the Virginia Lake Action.
 Help clarify aviation policy and procedures on interagency incidents.
 Develop a process to communicate the above clearly
 Develop a process to objectively evaluate, review and resolve incidents
such as Virginia Lake.
PNWCG National Fire Plan Coordinator Position- Tom Schmidt
Forest service is committed to funding a position in 2001, and Tom Schmidt is
available to serve for the interim. In 2002 and beyond Tom recommended a part
time coordinator, perhaps associated with an Agency National Fire Plan
Coordinator, or a WUI specialist.
PNWCG agreed that currently monthly conference calls are unnecessary, but that
a standing agenda item on NFP would be appropriate.
2002 Meeting Dates:
January 16
February 20-21
March 20
April 17
May 15
June 19
July 17
August 21
September 18
October 16
November 20
December 18
IFPL IV Private Land Issue- Mike Dykezuel
Mike described an incident where a private landowner was initially not allowed to
haul across federal land during IFPL IV. There was a difference in interpretation
on the language of the IFPL wallet card.
Decision: Task to Prevention Working Team to evaluate the incident, determine
the extent of the issue, and develop a process to clarify or educate people, if
Security Manager Qualifications.
November Agenda Item: Mark to scope out requirements for security manager to
see if a commissioned officer is required.
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