Pacific Northwest Coordination Group Steering Committee (PNWCG SC)

Pacific Northwest Coordination Group Steering Committee (PNWCG SC)
Meeting Notes – Final
January 14, 2008 @ Northwest Coordination Center (NWCC)
Attending: Pat Kelly, Executive Director PNWCG SC; Cory Winnie, BIA-NWRO, Chair;
Sue Husari, NPS; Ken Snell, USFS, R6; Randy Simpson, OR State Fire Marshal, Vice-Chair;
Pam Ensley, USFWS; Paul Perz, Asst Fire Marshal; Rick Gibson (filling in for Bill Lafferty)
ODF; Jan Mathis BLM-SORO as notetaker. Presenters: John Holcomb & Jim Walker, ODF.
Meeting Called to Order at 9:00 a.m. Pat Kelly presented agenda overview.
(Handout #1-PNWCG SC Agenda, January 14th at NWCC)
I. Chair’s Remarks (Cory Winnie)
As the new chair, he thanked Sue for all the work that she’s done. He wants to continue
working on the foundation that she’s built. He’s looking forward to working with everyone.
II. December Notes – Approved with a minor change.
(Handout #2-PNWCG Meeting Notes draft v.3)
III. Meeting Between WT’s and SC (Jim Walker/John Holcomb)
(Handout #3-PNWCG Operations Working Team – Task Order 0701-06).
Discussed the proposed Steering Committee/Working Team workshop to be held on
April 28-29, 2008 at the North Harbour Residence Inn located at 1250 N Anchor Way
in Portland OR 97217. Reviewed and discussed objectives, the agenda, attendance
and funding. Requested approval from the Steering Committee to fund the workshop.
The cost will be approximately $900. Gerry Day will allocate the funds with SC approval.
Discussed if there will be a viable attendance.
Approved funding of the workshop
Jim and John will provide an update on the attendance viability by Feb 20.
There will be a presentation in mid-March with the agenda and objectives.
The SC agreed that Pat will be the facilitator and Jan will attend as notetaker.
IV. Proposed IC Council (TO 701-07) (John Holcomb/Jim Walker)
Handout #4-PNWCG Operations Working Team – Task Order 0701-07, draft version.
This is to review, discuss and formalize the charter for the IC Council to become an Advisory
Committee to PNWCG. This would fit well with the national model. It makes sense, gives
direction and continuity to the process. It was discussed and agreed that the ICs should be an
advisory council.
Overview of the organizational structure is: (as listed on board)
SC = Representative of all members
WTs= (blank)
TF(BRP)=Made up of SME’s
Advisory Council=w/charter IC’s + Deputies T1/T2
Changes will need to be made to the charter (ie. strike item d under number IV. Objectives) It
was discussed but undecided on whether to strike the phrase “but not limited to:” under
Charter needs to be edited and resubmitted for signature. Jan to edit charter.
Cory Winnie, PNWCG Chair, needs to be added
Cory will inform Jim Furlong
SC agrees that there’s no need for a liaison
Final version of the Task Order will be submitted
V. Proposal to Consolidate IMT Management (John Holcomb)
Handout #5-Memorandum, Subject: Proposal to Consolidate Incident Management
For review and as a discussion item. Suggestion is to consolidate the nine groups into four for
better efficiency. A point brought up by Ken: the SC has linkage for Type 1 teams, but no
formal linkage with Type 2 teams in Oregon and Washington. The committee agrees that the
proposal is a good idea and a positive step forward. It will be PNWCG’s task to begin the
relationship with the various geo-boards and the OWT to create a document that can be shared
with the geo-boards.
Issue a Task Order to OWT to look into feasibility and opportunities for
implementing further cooperation and coordination.
Gather GAC charters/agreements and make recommendations on how to
proceed. Will look at the charters and agreements from the Great Basin and
Northern Rockies for models.
VI. PNWCG SC issues for NMAC/GMAC meeting
Handout #6-NMAC-GMAC Meeting Agenda for Jan 15-16 2008
Reviewed the agenda and discussed other items that could be added: one issue is ROSS and
another is the use of Canadian Airtankers.
FUMT Issues: Discussed the content and position of the NW on the three basic issues:
1. Decision Support and Long Term Assessment Teams (Handout #7)
SC supports the need, but struggling on how to implement. Strongly feel that
the interpretation should be performed at the incident location and the
product centralized.
2. Fire Use Team Configuration Change (Handout #8)
In support of adding three positions: Finance, GIS and Computer.
3. Proposed Name Change for Fire Use Management Teams (Handout #9)
In support of the proposed name change.
Break for lunch at 12:10 p.m. Reconvened at 12:50 p.m.
VII. PNWCG SC Charter revision (Sue)
Handout #10-Steering Committee Mission Statement, Charter, and Working Guidelines
Most of the edits made are to the working guidelines and are visible in the document.
Handout #11-PNWCG Strategic Plan – draft
Took the Strategic 2002 plan, edited, and added content to create the 2007 plan. Reviewed
and discussed. The document will be refined and ready for approval no later than the April
meeting. Sue, Cory and Pam to work on this project.
Placeholder for February’s meeting: set aside an hour to discuss this project.
VIII. 2009 IAWF Safety Summit (Ken)
Handout #12-International Association of Wildland Fire – Benefits of Hosting the Safety
Summit & Host Agency and IAWF Responsibilities.
BLM/Forest Service has been asked and has agreed to host the Safety Summit to be held in
the spring of 2009. The committee would like more information on the subject before making
a decision.
Placeholder for February’s meeting: Shelby Gales will be present at the February SC
meeting to explain what the progress has been to date and what help is needed from the other
IX. Confirm Vice Chair (Pat)
 The Committee agrees on Randy Simpson to be Vice Chair.
X. Finalize TWT TO 0701-04
Placeholder for February’s meeting: Pat will contact Mike Spencer and get the information.
R6 & R10 – Ken is going to be the Director of Fire & Fuels for Region 10.
Gift for Earl Cordes & others who will be retiring (Sue)
Discussed the immediate need for an award or gift for Earl Cordes to present to him on
Friday. It was decided that Cory will get a glass award and plaque and will have it
shipped to Jefferson County Fire Dept at 765 SE Adam Dr, Madras, OR 97741, attn:
Bobbie, Friday afternoon. Regarding presents for future retirees – it was suggested to order
glass awards for the time being and to arrange for future awards, Pendleton blankets with
PNWCG logo.
Budget at NWCC (Ken)
Gerry is currently working on the budget and the PNWCG SC needs to give him an idea of
how much to add to his budget for the following: the Executive Director position, awards and
meetings. It was decided on $40K until the details can be worked out and a more accurate
figure provided.
A76 (Ken)
Regarding the Omnibus bill - we won’t be able to spend 2008 dollars on competitive sourcing.
NIMO (Cory/Ken)
Outreach information is out for NIMO teams 3 & 4. These teams are “virtual.” One team
will be “home-based” in Portland.
XI. Open Forum for short topics:
Randy Simpson discussed the process that’s in place for structural fires and which districts are
currently recognized
Pam Ensley has received the results for 401 agency quals and a list of those who have been
frozen in place. Frozen in place means that if they were in a 401 position prior to 2005, they
cannot be promoted until they take the courses again.
Pat met with Mary Anne and Jan on the Team Room to work on the functionality of the site.
Making good progress, but need to work some bugs out before we can get the information
onto the site and the rest of the Steering Committee members logged in. Placeholder for
February’s meeting to work on the Team Room.
+ On task and on time
+ Followed agenda
+ Time allowed for discussion
+ Concern for members not present.
+ Open lunch period appreciated and will continue
+ Getting items accomplished
+ Consider video conferencing for future time
Adjourned at 2:53 pm
1 – PNWCG SC Agenda – January 14, 2008 at NWCC (2pp)
2 – PNWCG Meeting Notes draft v.3 (6pp)
3 – PNWCG OWT – Task Order 0701-06 (dated Sept. 22, 2007)
4 – PNWCG OWT – Task Order 0701-07 (dated Nov. 30, 2007)
5 – Memo for Subject: Proposal to Consolidate IMT Coordination for Efficiency
6 – NMAC-GMAC Meeting Agenda (2pp)
7 – FUMT Decision Support and Long Term Assessment Teams (2pp)
8 – FUMT Fire Use Team Configuration Change (2pp)
9 – FUMT Proposed Name Change for Fire Use Management Teams (2pp)
10 – PNWCG Mission Statement, Charter, and Working Guidelines (7pp)
11 – PNWCG Strategic Plan 2007 (25pp)
12 – International Association of Wildland Fire: Safety Summit Information
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