- Single Source perimeter, GEOMAC will provide

PNWCG GISWT Call 6/18/09
Kim, Shelley, Emmor, Dave, Nicki
- Single Source perimeter, GEOMAC will provide
those. Inciweb is pulling, WFDSS will. Lightning and ArcPad SEND.
Newsletter out on their website.
1. GTG Update - Kim and Emmor
2. WFDSS Update - Kim
2.5 Team Equipment – Storage Device
and secure router/switch are proposed to
purchase for all teams. The goal is to standardize a base set of equipment.
3. ftp.nifc.gov Update - Kim and Dale - No updates.
4. Resource GPS Tracking Prototype - Dale – Tech Approval has ben granted and I
have ordered several units and a theintegrator license. Once we establish the
process we will purchase the remaining units and get to the WaW and Pendleton’s
5. Google Earth - Kim and Dale. Getting closer.
6. Emmor's LIDAR Project - Next time Dave with DNR update.
7. Fire Camp Locations - Emmor . Latest version available. Prototype
completed with
100+ locations. Dave will test. Dale will send to a couple teams to prototype this
Fire History and Fuel Treatment Poly update - Dale - Almost there.
T&E Compilation update - Dale - Almost there.
Municipal Water Sources - Dale – EPA manages this nationally, and data is in
WFDSS. This project cancelled.
FMU Compilation - Dale - Agencies working on it.
12. Twitter – We have set up a twitter account as an emergency contact process for the
Director staff here. Working with 2 teams to prototype twitter for all of the incident this
year, setting up a twitter account for each fire.
13. FS standardize local aviation hazards and Engine Water Source Geodatabase, ESRI will
be contracted to validate our geodatabase prototypes. This will then be implemented
14. Radio Backbone study. The CIOs for DOI and USDA will be visiting, so we will brief them
on the analysis of interagency coordination of radio towers.
15. FTE – Fuel Treatment Effectiveness – Web based system to track fire behavior prior to
and after entering a treated area. This will be implemented regionally for the FS and
BLM, nationally for the FS. Strong interest to see if the states would be able to
16. ICAP – Incident Command Application System – Web based system for Type 2 teams to
announce, solicit, and select applicants for team positions.
17 BLM ArcIMS is on new server. Shelley is setting up some new data sets.
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