Pacific Northwest Wildfire Coordinating Group Fuels Management Working Team Meeting Notes

Pacific Northwest Wildfire Coordinating Group
Fuels Management Working Team
Meeting Notes
Date: 1-06-2011 0900-1200 at SORO
Leanne Mruzik – BLM, Chair
Laura Mayer - FS
Alan McGuire-Dale - FS
Darrel Johnston – WA DNR
Lauren Maloney - BLM
Cyndi Sidles – FWS, Vice Chair
Mary Helen Smith - ODF
Pam Ensley – FWS, Liaison
Dee Townsend - NPS
Gene Lonning - BIA
John Buckman - ODF
Bill Aney - FS
Dennis Fiore - BLM
Kristin Babbs
Dale Guenther – FS, GIS
Teresa Vonn - ODF
X= attended
C= Call In
1. Review Previous Meeting Notes – Quick review of last meeting notes, introduce new
team member Kristin Babbs (ODF) National Fire Plan Coordinator—acting role for the
next year and will focus on CWPPS across Oregon, Senate Bill 360 and grants, update
committee member list. No changes needed. All action items were completed.
2. Updates from Grant Subcommittee, review Call for Application letter –
Topic: Alan discussed the changes to the process, highlighting the ranking criteria for
this year. Biggest constraint is budget. Leanne wanted to emphasize the need for the
FMWT to be involved in the final selection process.
a. Decision Point—The FMWT will have a final expedited blessing for the
prioritization list of ranked project. There will be a nay or yah vote via email or
in person. If there’s a nay vote, refer to charter for direction.
i. All participants unanimously agreed—all yahs.
Topic: Leanne expressed concerns for the 50/50 match. No decision needs to be made
but encouraged a discussion. Leanne would like to see the distribution of funding to
broaden to different social economic status. Encourage 50/50 match to communities
where it make sense. Take a closer before determining the match. Alan mentioned the
discussion with MaryHelen about concerns. MaryHelen feels that ODF is not in a position
to make determinations on selecting project recipients, due to the fact that there’s no
financial/income policy. Discussion about 50/50 match vs Cost share ensued.
b. Decision Point—Strike out the sentence about 50/50 match from Call Letter
and remove similar language from the application.
i. All participants reached consensus—all yah
Action Item(s):
a. Update Call for Application Letter and Application to:
a. Eliminate scoring and matching criteria.
Topic: Issue is the exclusion of non-state entities from the selection process in high
priority areas. Oregon and Washington have different approaches.
Two Final Call for Application Letters were sent forward, one each for WA and OR,
requesting a ‘ranked’ list of projects from Washington and a list of projects from Oregon
(with ODF projects prioritized and external applications forwarded along with ODF
applications but not ranked).
3. FY 2011 Program of work—
Topic: Leanne discussed the need to develop a program of work for 2011. The group
brainstormed 5 ideas, but not prioritized.
1) Review of all strategies EMDS, HFPAS, west-side/and state
2) Get all fuels treatments into the fuels treatment effectiveness
website where the treatments played a role in changing fire
behavior or aided fire control during a wildfire event.
3) Finalize fed/private treatment polygon map.
4) Work with Prevention Team regarding accomplishments i.e. fuels
treatments, NFP Grant Projects. What’s the best media to use
that will tell our story? Cyndi will email to the FMWT an
example of a brochure .
5) FY 2011 grant process review. Perform a AAR at the end of the
Action Item(s):
a. Solidify the program of work for FY 2011. Cyndi will coordinate.
4. Change in the delegation of authority—
The official passing of the baton from Leanne to the new Chair, Cyndi Sidles, went into
effect. Darrel Johnston will be the new Vice Chair
Dates to Remember:
March 2nd, 2011
FMWT Meeting. Time and location still to be announced.
April 28th, 2011
FMWT Meeting. Time and location still to be announced.
October 25th, 2011
FMWT Meeting. Time and location still to be announced.
Note Taker for Next Meeting: Darrell Johnston
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