JULY 8,2003
Members Present: Dave Doan WADNR, Jim Ziobro ODF, Jon Rollens USFS, Clay
Hillin BLM, Steve Rossiter BIA, Steve Smith OAS, Greg Hagerdorn (For Greg Zopetti)
USFWS, Greg Loper (For Bill Bulger USFS), Bill Lafferty Liaison, ODF, Susie Bates
Reviewed minutes of previous meeting- no corrections.
Clay and Jon agreed, after a discussion on the status of air assets chart we have been
asked to produce by steering committee, that they would add the column for previous
year assets so that the difference can be seen. Since that meeting Jon has sent out an
advisory notice on the status of aviation resource and its comparison to previous year. We
are in better shape than we thought we would be.
Discussion on Type III helo exceptions was held and Jim and Jon agreed to draft a memo
to other members of AWT to better explain how the exceptions will work. ( Note this has
gone out as a general message from Jon)
Report back from steering committee that our charter changes were acceptable except
they did not agree with the change of the PNWCG title, which after discussion was not
our business to change in the first place. Charter changes need to be entered into website.
After a request to steering committee we had Bill Lafferty at our meeting as a liaison .
Welcome Bill. Felt it was important that agency reps know what other agency reps are
doing. Good step in right direction.
Our meeting date formula was faulted. We have revised it again. It now is the 3rd Tuesday
of the 1st month of the quarter. Next meeting (I think) is October 21st. We agreed that this
information should go into the heading of our website and be added to the charter.
FTA issue as addressed to steering committee issue of safety. Julie Stewart will work on
updating FAA as to what an FTA is. Bill Lafferty agreed to explain our answers to the
steering committee.
Discussion of ATGS position. National Group seems to have a handle on this issue now
and is working toward a revision of 310-1. Team agreed at this time to monitor national
group and not reconvene our advisory group.
Canadian Air tanker issues left deal with federal only . Need to have Boise address them.
A letter is supposed to come from group to Boise to work out details of payments nad
ordering. Jon will draft letter to group recommending NWCG work on the issues.
Clay led a discussion on Master Agreement changes. Only real issue was the military
section needed some revisions.
ODF wants to bring in their own air tanker from Alaska. This was an issue for the Aair
Tanker Board.
STAT teams were discussed. They can be ordered direct or through the AWT. Preferable
when single incident to order direct where-as on multiple order through the AWT. There
needs to be an ability to select the appropriate team members. STAT teams need to
identify who they report to on the delegation letter. They report to the chair of the AWT
and the IC or multiple IC’s. Before STAT team goes into ooperation they must be briefed
by the RAO and the Chair of AWT.
Discussed Interagency Mishap Response Plan. There really isn’t one. It was in discussion
stage and group felt it is an issue worth pursuing. Need to think about it and put together
some thoughts on a formal plan.
We agreed that the Matrix was overly long and tedious to follow. Clay agreed to shorten
up and only address differences and get out to members. ( Clay has already done this and
it was a great job. It has been reviewed and will be in website shortly if not already)
Steve Smith mentioned NG issues and the fact they should attend our meetings and we
explained they have started
Jon Rollens mention how the ERC’s were getting. Well guess what, their higher than that
now and the fires so far are are certainly indicating that.
Susie Bates talked about getting agency people ( at least one per region to attend
helicopter accident investigation. They are also looking at contracting SAR aircraft.
We agreed to focus on training at the next meeting as there are issues all over the board
on this. (Maybe we can get a training team person to our next meeting.
Same place and same time on OCT 21, 2003.
Please hold a place in your hearts for our lost comrades!!
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