Observation Report Form (English) (Completed by tutor or mentor) University of Warwick

University of Warwick
Diploma and Certificate in Education and Training
Observation Report Form (English)
(Completed by tutor or mentor)
Trainee Teacher
Trainee’s programme and
Teaching Context
Action points identified in last observation
Target set at last Teaching Progress Review: Outstanding
Meets minimum
Lesson planning including planning for differentiation (effective use of initial assessment and/or the learner
profile to plan for individual needs), development of English, maths and employability skills (professional
standard 12 and 14)
Development of the English skills of learners skills (professional Standards 9, 13 & 16)
Development of maths, ICT and employability skills (professional Standards 9, 13 & 16)
Use of Resources including ILT: include any on-line activity to support independent learning (professional
standard 15)
Assessment and checking for understanding including assessing learning that has taken place in the session
(professional standards 9 and 18)
Progress checks – comment on verbal and written (assignment and coursework) feedback provided to learners
where applicable (professional standards 13 and 18)
Group management and communication skills including strategies to promote positive behaviour (professional
standards 6 & 11 )
Learner centredness/learner engagement /learner independence/differentiation (professional standards 3, 4 &
Promotion of equality and diversity issues (professional standard 5)
Up to 3 agreed key strengths (Professional Standard 1)
Agreed areas for development (Professional Standards 2 , 10 and 20)
Signature of observer
Signature of teacher observed
Note to the trainee: Please add this observation report with your evaluation of the lesson, the extended
lesson plan and your reflection on the whole observation and feedback process to the Teaching File which
is part of your PDP.
No observations can take place unless you bring your Teaching File with you for your observer when you
are being observed. This is because each observer is looking for the progress you make and seeing your
last observation reports will help the observer greatly.