Building your career in Human Rights – Senior Careers Consultant Claire Leslie

Building your career in Human Rights
Claire Leslie – Senior Careers Consultant
Think about what working in Human Rights means to you
Think about the attributes you might need for a career in this
Understand what experience might be relevant to help get a job
in Human Rights
Know where to look for possible opportunities
Be able to put together a speculative cover letter
First thoughts on human rights..
What is Human Rights?
You might want to look at Human Rights in
a broad context first.
What do you need to
succeed in Human Rights?
Ability to think laterally
Personal Profile in the field
Financial resources?
How can you raise your Human Rights profile?
Engage with the debate!
Face to face
Through LinkedIn
Attend events
Sell your experience
Expect to have to apply for
jobs but try to know what’s
“out there”!
Use CAR(E)
Use LinkedIn
My profile
Search for Human Rights jobs
You might need to apply
How will you do it?
Call up?
Send an email?
Approach via Facebook or LinkedIn
Send a CV and cover letter
Where can you find
Many small organisations are involved in the field
How should you structure
a covering letter?
Format – names and addresses
Yours sincerely/Yours faithfully
Professional tone
Correct spelling and grammar
Spend time to….
Understand what the role involves
Understand what you would be doing – don’t just write
about changing the world!
Identify your relevant experiences, skills
and strengths
One example of a
website with vacancies!
Working for an MP
This is the Working for an MP website, a resource for anyone working
for a British Member of Parliament or with an interest in how Parliament
It’s much more than this!
Looking further…
Human Dignity Trust
How to start?
Dear Someone,
To whom it may concern,
Dear Recruitment Manager,
Dear Jennifer,
Dear Mr Brown,
Dear Dr Smith,
To whom it may concern,
I want to apply for your intern post
and hope that you will consider my
application favourably.
I am writing to apply for the role
of Communications Intern. I am
currently studying for the LLM in
International Development Law
and Human Rights at the
University of Warwick. In addition
to my studies I have extensive
experience of creative
communications work and am an
adept administrator able to show
exceptional attention to detail.
paragraph – WHY THEM
Tell the employer why you want this job
Why do you want to work for them – not just because they’re the
ones advertising!
Show motivation and enthusiasm
Demonstrate that you understand what the job involves and have
researched their organisation and the sector
Avoid vague statements and blatant flattery
Be specific and illustrate your opinions with some original points.
And above all…
What’s wrong with this?
“I want to work for Human Dignity Trust because I am passionate about
Human Rights and very keen to make a difference on the global stage
as quickly as possible. I know that I can help you change people’s lives.
I am particularly excited to be part of an organisation which is at the
forefront of dealing with examples of homophobia.
2nd paragraph – WHY YOU
Why you are right for this job, in terms of skills, experience and personal
Illustrate your unique selling points with three or four excellent examples.
Use positive language and action words
This is also the chance to deal directly and positively within any gaps or
apparent weaknesses in your CV.
And above all…
What’s wrong with this?
I am perfect for this role as I am able to manage multiple tasks, resolve
conflicts in a range of situations and collaborate effectively in teams and
small groups. As I have become more focused on Human Rights as a
career I have become more confident in my ability to present information
clearly and effectively.
What skills are the company looking for
you to cover in your 2nd paragraph?
Passion for Human Rights
Understanding of Media Relations
Journalistic experience
Administrative and IT skills
Verbal Communication skills
Ability to multi task
Ability to take responsibility
Research & organisation skills
Now map your skills…
Passion for Human Rights
Understanding of Media Relations
Journalistic experience
Administrative and IT skills
Verbal Communication skills
Ability to multi task
Ability to take responsibility
Research & organisation skills
Where did you acquire it
How to end?
• Very simple. “I very much hope to hear from you further.”
• Sign off in the correct way
Other top tips
If you meet the employer, consider sending the cover letter within 1-2 days
Get it proofed before you send it off
Make it look professional
Show you have done your research
Follow up
What next?
Use the resources on the - website
Follow our blog -
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