Education Under Fire, Q&A session will follow screening Tuesday, October 30

Education Under Fire, a documentary film
Q&A session will follow screening
Tuesday, October 30
3 p.m. to 4 p.m.
Building A, Room 243
Filmed in nine cities with dozens of BIHE
students and teachers, the film features
footage and photos spanning two
decades of BIHE classes, rare video from
inside Tehran's notorious Evin Prison,
and photos and a film that bring alive a
series of personal stories.
Education Under Fire is produced by Single Arrow Productions and cosponsored by Amnesty International. The 30-minute documentary profiles
the growth, struggle, and inspiring spirit of the Baha´i Institute for Higher
Education. Baha´is (BIHE) in Iran have been subjected to systematic
persecution, including arrests, torture, and execution simply for refusing to
recant their beliefs. They are also prohibited from going to college and
blocked from many professions.