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One Book One Harper is a campus-wide common read program created by the Harper College
Library. This library-sponsored initiative seeks to encourage recreational reading, thoughtful
discussion and build community by means of reading a common book.
The committee chooses a different book (or in this case, books) each academic year.
The One Book One Harper Committee creates programs related to the themes found in the
selected books and provides workshops and other resources to help faculty infuse those themes
into their curriculum.
This year, our focus will be on Veterans. We have selected five texts that we believe will be of
interest to a diverse range of Harper students, faculty, and staff.
One Book One Harper: Mission
The purpose of the One Book One Harper Committee is to create a common read program that
reflects the goals and objectives of Harper College by creating a community-wide shared
experience by reading one book and engaging in intellectual discussions and events that are
multi-thematic and reflect the curriculum offered at Harper College. The One Book One Harper
Committee aims to create an inclusive program open to entire Harper community by:
Emphasizing reading as an important element of the college experience;
Creating a foundation for students to explore values and ethics;
Encouraging and enhancing student participation in the intellectual life of the campus by
encouraging open discussion and critical thinking about a common theme;
Providing an introduction to the expectations of higher education;
Creating a sense of community by increasing student-to-student and student-to-faculty
Integrating an academic/social experience into the campus community;
Helping students make connections between classroom and out-of-classroom
by Phil Klay
Undaunted: The Real
Story of America’s
Servicewomen in
Today’s Military
by Tanya Biank
Soldier’s Heart:
The Campaign to
Understand My WWII
Veteran Father, A
Daughter’s Memoir
by Carol Tyler
The Ghosts of Hero
Street: How One Small
Community Gave So
Much in World War II
and Korea
by Carlos Harrison
Run, Don’t Walk:
The Curious and
Courageous Life Inside
the Walter Reed Army
Medical Center
by Adele Levine