Education Studies What can I do with a degree in….. careers

What can I do with a degree in…..
Education Studies
Studying for a degree in Education can lead to a wide range of future jobs and
As well as the interest many will have in progressing to a career in teaching, there are numerous other areas
where graduates from this discipline can follow their passion as well as applying their knowledge and skills
from an education related degree.
Many of us associate teaching with working in schools but the profession also spans colleges, universities,
prison or community education settings and special educational needs teaching.
Other related fields include educational administration, museum /art centre education, youth and
community work, health promotion, diversity promotion, learner mentoring, child psychotherapy, behaviour
management, counselling and speech therapy to name a few.
Given that professional roles often require specialist training beyond first degree level, if you are from a
discipline such as education, there is also a much broader range of people centred job sectors for which
your Education Studies can be an appropriate preparation. These might include social services, human
resources, training and development, charities and NGO’s.
Graduate Recruiters tell us that what they want from applicants is:
A good degree from a good university
Work Experience
Involvement in extra-curricular activities
The ability to describe and articulate their unique achievements and skills
At Warwick you have the opportunity to access all of the above, and Student Careers and Skills is here to
help you achieve your goals.
Why Warwick?
Destination Data for Warwick Education Graduates
Given that 92% of all Warwick Graduates end up in either employment or further study, and that 70% of
graduate recruiters do not require graduates to have a specific degree, perhaps the most important question
to ask is not “What degree will get me a good graduate job?” but “How can I make the most of my time at
Warwick so that I can get the job I want?
At Warwick you have the opportunity to access all of the above. Whilst it’s up to you to make the most of
your time here and ensure you get a good job or place in further study, every support is available to help you
achieve your goals:
 Academic study support
 Careers support from professionally trained staff
 Opportunities to meet recruiters and attend events
 More than 200 clubs and societies
 Thousands of opportunities for paid work and volunteering on campus
 Free careers support for three years after graduation
What do Warwick Education Graduates Do?
In recent years roles when surveyed 6 months after graduation from a first degree have included:
Senior Family Support Worker, College Teaching Assistant
Childcare Quality Development Officer, Nursery Manager
Speech & Language Teacher, Senior Early Years Coordinator
Graduate Teacher Training, Learning and Events Specialist
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