Royal Society of Chemistry Seminar Series Modelling Porous Organic Materials for Energy Applications bottom‐up approach to rational property design 4 pm

4 pm
Thursday 10th March 2016
Physics Lecture Theatre (PLT)
Royal Society of Chemistry Seminar Series
Modelling Porous Organic Materials for Energy Applications – a bottom‐up approach to rational property design
Dr Abbie Trewin
Department of Chemistry, Lancaster University
Materials with molecular‐scale porosity are important in wide range of
energy applications such as gas storage, molecular separation,
heterogeneous catalysis, energy generation and energy storage.
The ability to rationally predict and hence design the porous properties of materials for specific energy applications is a key challenge for materials discovery. Here, I show how taking a bottom‐up approach and assessing the structure‐directing influences of the material building blocks can lead to new ‘rational design’ strategies.