Entries due by midnight Monday, March 15!
To: English and TESOL Majors and Minors
We are pleased to announce the 2013 Literary Prizes, $250 and $400 writing awards
celebrating excellence in the following areas:
Literary (critical) essay on print or film literature, or literary or film history;
Professional writing and pedagogical writing (English Ed & TESOL);
Creative nonfiction and personal essay;
Short fiction;
(Up to 12 double-spaced pages for the first four categories—one or more essays or short
stories; up to 6 pages of single-spaced poetry, one poem per page)
All undergraduate Majors and Minors in English and/or TESOL who will be enrolled for
Summer or Fall 2013 are eligible to enter (i.e., not May 2013 graduates).
(Eligible Majors include English and English-Teaching, TESOL, TESOL-Teaching, and TESOL/Modern Languages;
Minors include English, TESOL, Creative Writing, Professional Writing, Literary Studies, and Film Studies.)
If you are eligible, please select and submit your best writing in one or more of the five
categories. 15 or more prizes will be awarded.
An additional essay is required to apply for the Myrtle Telleen Collins “Spirit of Life”
Creative Writing Scholarship, which is open to all majors. (See separate entry form.)
Deadline: Midnight on the Ides of March
Email submissions to [email protected]
Direct questions and request the directions and entry forms (as email attachments) from
Jeremy Schraffenberger at [email protected]
Prize winners will be invited to attend the Department of Languages & Literatures
Recognition Reception, 2:00 – 4:00 pm, Sunday, April 21 in the Commons Ballroom.

UNI LITERARY PRIZES Entries due by midnight Monday, March 15!