Dweib Curriculum Vitae
Ibrahim Mohammed Ibrahim Dweib
Date of Birth: 08th Dec 1965
Place of Birth: Ta'amreh, Bethlehem
Citizen of: Jordanian
Marital Status: Married
Address: Sultan Qaboos Univesrity
P.O. box 36, Department of Computer Science.
Muscat – Alkhoudh 123
Mobile: 00968-98813953
Emails : [email protected]
[email protected]
Educational Record:
 PhD of Computer Science, School of Computing and Engineering, University of
HuddersField (UK), Feburary 2011.
o PhD Thesis Title: “Automatic Mapping of XML Documents into
Relational DataBase”.
 Master of Computer Information Systems (MSc), Arab Academy for Financial &
Banking Science (Jordan), November 2003.
 Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSc), Yarmouk University, Jordan,
Janurary 1989.
Training & development courses:
I have attended the following short courses:
Novell Network Operating System Administrative.
Sep – Nov 1995
JAVA (Object Oriented Language). (2 courses) Arab Academy, Mar-Sep 2002
Arab Academy, Mar–Jun 2002
Time management and project scheduling
Statistical Analysis Using SPSS.
How to manage seminars and lectures.
Designing and presenting educational class.
Dweib Curriculum Vitae
Professional Experience:
 Sultan Qaboos University (Sultanate of Oman):
 Title: Lecturer in Computer Science Department.
 From: Aug. 17, 2010 - Present.
 Sultan Qaboos University (Sultanate of Oman):
Title: Visiting Cosultant in Computer Science Department.
From: Sep. 5, 2009 - Until: Jan. 20, 2010.
From: Feb. 6, 2010 - Until: June. 6, 2010
From: Jun. 12, 2010 - Until: Aug. 12, 2010.
 King Khalid University (MoHE, Saudi Arabia):
Title: Instructor in Computer Science Department.
Address: Bisha Tel. 00966-7-6203333 Saudi Arabia.
From: Sep. 24, 2003 – Until: Sep. 24, 2009
Other duties: Supervision of College LAN and Internet services.
 Ibri Teachers' College of Education (MoHE, Sultanate of Oman):
 Title: Computer Technician in the Learning Resources Center (LRC).
 Address: Ibri Tel. 25691792 Sultanate of Oman.
 From: Sep. 1, 1997 – Until: Aug, 25, 2001
 Ibri Teacher's College of Education (Ministry of Higher Education
Sultanate of Oman): Center of British teachers
 Title: Computer Instructor.
 Address: Ibri Tel. 25691792 Sultanate of Oman.
 From: May 14,1996 – Until: Aug 31, 1997.
 Bank of Jordan:
Title: Programmer & Computer Operator.
Address: Ramaleh Tel. 9958656 Palestine.
From: Feb 1,1996 – Until: Mar 31, 1996.
Work Done:
o Supervise and manage the branch networking. (Unix Operating System).
o Create and print daily and monthly reports.
o Technical support for the hardware and the software packages.
 Al-Ittihad Secondary School:
Title: Teacher.
Address: Amman Tel. 009626-604167 Jordan.
From: Sep. 1,1995 – Until: Dec. 31, 1995.
Other duties: Sharing in analyzes and programs the registration system.
Dweib Curriculum Vitae
 Jordan Community College:
 Title: Lecturer in Computer Science Department.
 Address: Al-Jami'ah St. Amman P.O. Box 19029. Tel.669141, 669142.
 From: Feb 1,1990 – Until: Aug 31,1995.
Teaching Experience:
I have taught the following courses:
 Introduction to Computer Science
 Programming in Java
 Programming in Visual Basic
 Programming in Pascal
 Application Programs for Mathematics &
 Programming Concepts & Algorithms
 PC Applications
 E-Commerce
 Operating System Concepts
 Data Structure
 Introduction to computer science and Software
Packages (Mathemitca, SPSS, Minitab)
 Data Base management Concepts
 Computer's in Education
 Problem Solving and Programming
(Using C++)
 Operation Research
 System Analysis
 Coordinator of Basic Computing Skills
(English, Arabic) in Foundation Program
 Coordinator of many courses
while working in King Khaled
Admin. Duties
I am a member of the following committees:
 Member of Foundation Program Committee.
 Member of Appointment Committee.
 Member of ABET Committee
(2013 - 2014 )
 Safety and Security Committee
(2013- )
Research Interest
XML Database and XML Security
Relational Database
Performance Evaluation
Information System
Information Retrieval
Semantic Web
Dweib Curriculum Vitae
Publications and Attended Conferences:
 Ibrahim Dweib, Munther Melhim, " Using Decision Tree for Selecting Volunteers for
Biomedical Study Based on Laboratory Report”, The Second International
Conference on Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Education
Technologies (CSCEET2015).) Asia Pacific University of Technology and
Innovation (APU), Sept 8-10, 2015, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
 Awad, M., Lu, J. and Dweib, I. (2015) “Evaluation Study: The Techniques Used in
E-Government and Its Impact on the Success or Failure of the Services Provided by
the E-Government”, Proceedings of the International Conference on Global Issues In
Multidisciplinary Academic Research (GIMAR), Jan 05-06, 2015, Dubai UAE.
 Ahmad, N. Lu, Joan. and Dweib, I. (2014) “Effects of the Podcast as a
Communication Tool on the Elicitation of Tacit Knowledge on Interview Techniques
for Small Software Developments”, Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference
on Applied Information and Communication Technology (ICAICT), April 28-29,
2014, Middle East College, P.O. Box 79, Postal Code 124, Knowledge Oasis Muscat,
Al Rusyal, Sultanate of Oman.
 Ibrahim Dweib. "Storing XML documents in Relational Database using Multi
Dimension Links”, Advances in Database and Data mining, ADDM-2013, Istanbul,
Turkey, (Sept 5-7 2013).
 Ibrahim Dweib, Ayman Awadi and Joan Lu, : “MAXDOR: Mapping XML
Document into Relational Database”. The Open Information Systems Journal, 2009,
3, 1-15 (Special Issue TOISJ-Vol. 3-5), Bentham Open.
 Dweib, Ibrahim, Awadi, Ayman, Elrhman, Seif Elduola Fath and Lu, Joan (2008)
Schemaless approach of mapping XML document into Relational Database. 8th
IEEE International Conference on Computer and Information Technology, 2008. CIT
2008 . pp. 167-172.
 Ibrahim Dweib, Ayman Awadi, Joan Lu, Jim Jip, Gary Allen. "Flexible approach for
querying XML document-centric documents stored in relational database ",
ECIG2007, Soussa, Tunisia, (Oct 19-20 2007).
 Ibrahim, Dweib, Lu, Joan, Allen, Gary and Yip, Yau Jim: “Schema based approach
of mapping XML documents to relational database”. In: Proceedings of the 2007
International Conference on Internet Computing. CSREA Press, pp. 332-338. ISBN
Book Chapters
 Ibrahim Dweib, Joan Lu (2012): “Design, Performance, and Analysis of Innovative
Information Retrieval”, IGI Global Disseminator of Knowledge - USA. PP: 180-269,
Chapters 13- 19. Copyright © 2013.
Dweib Curriculum Vitae
Refreening and Assesments :
 A member of the editorial board of the International Journal of Computer Science
and Telecommunications (IJCST) – USA.
A member of the editoral board of the International Journal of Computer & Software
Engineering, Graphy Publications, Bangalore, India.
 A member of the editoral board of The International Association of Science &
Engineering Congress (SCICON) – Bangladesh (2012).
 I have revised some papers for Journal of Supercomputing (2008 - 2015).
 Reviewer, International Journal of Information Retrieval Research (IJIRR), IGI
Global Disseminator of Knowledge - USA.
PhD Supervision:
 Local Supervisor for the following PhD research title "An investigation into ontology
based enhancement of search technologies for E-Government". Researcher Mr.
Mamoun Awad – University of Huddersfield. (In progress)
 Local Supervisor for the following PhD research title "Optimizing E-Management
Using Web Data Mining". Researcher Mr. Elmak Saad – University of Huddersfield.
(In progress)
 Local Supervisor for the following PhD research title "Effect of Electronic
Communication on the Elicitation of Tacit Knowledge on Interview Techniques for
Software Development". Researcher Mr. Nauman Ahmed – University of
Huddersfield. (In progress)
 Local Supervisor for the following PhD research title “A Revolution of Big Data
Technologies in Modern Health Care Industry using Data Mining Techniques”.
Researcher Mr. Mohammed Yasin - Pondicherry University, South India. (In
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