For Con-Tech Lighting Magnetic Miniature Accent Lights: P20 Series
The P20 Series Magnetic Miniature Accent Lights are not intended
for recessed installation in ceiling or wall. Accent Lights must be
spaced a minimum of 12" apart.
• For use with transformer with pre-wired cord and plug set. It is recommended that these fixtures be powered by Con-Tech listed Class II
transformers. To prevent electrical shock, DO NOT use this polarized
plug with an extension cord or outlet unless the blades can be fully
inserted to prevent blade exposure.
• Use only insulated staples or plastic ties to secure cords and 12V
• Route and secure cords/wiring so it cannot be pinched or damaged.
• Always position fixtures so they are accessible for lamp replacement.
Recessed Installation
1. Cut a 2-3/16" hole in the mounting surface. (Figure 1)
2. Discard Surface Collar.
3. Push housing into cut hole. Spring clips should hold housing in place.
(Figure 2)
4. Attach magnetic faceplate (FP1, FP2, FP3, FP4). (Figure 3)
5. Mount transformers in an accessible location.
Surface Mount Installation
1. Set mounting screws for Surface Collar, but do not tighten. (Figure 4)
2. Pass wire leads through indented location in collar then tighten screws
to secure collar. (Figure 5)
3. Press housing into surface collar.
4. Attach face plate (FP1, FP2, FP3, FP4). (Figure 6)
5. Install transformer in an accessible location.
• Read all the instructions before installation. Save instructions for later use.
• Turn off power at fuse or circuit breaker box before installation or before doing
any maintenance work.
• Product must be grounded to avoid potential electric shock and any other
potential hazards.
• Product must be mounted in locations and at heights and in a manner consistent
with its intended use, and in compliance with National Electrical Code and local
codes. Use of accessory equipment is not recommended.
• Installing contrary to instructions may cause unsafe conditions.
• Do not block light from the trim aperture, in whole or in part, as this may cause
unsafe conditions.
• Warning: Risk of fire. Most dwellings built before 1985 have supply wire rated
at 60°C. Consult a qualified electrician before installation.
• To avoid hazards to children, account for all parts and properly dispose of all
packing materials.
• Call the Technical Support department at Con-Tech Lighting with any installation
questions: 847.559.5500.
All specifications subject to change without notice.
This document can be recycled.

The P20 Series Magnetic Miniature Accent Lights are not intended