Ms Joan Small (Acting Chair of the SSCC)
Ms Anna Antipova (Secretary to the Committee)
Staff Student Consultative Committee
Wednesday, 10 November 2010, 2.15pm
Tutorial Room 2, Bentham House
Joan Small (JS) – Acting Chair
Nick Grant (NG) - First Year Representative
Shiva Riahi (SR) – Student Law Society Careers Secretary
Jack Davies (JD) - Student Law Society President
Prince Saprai (PS) - Faculty Careers Tutor
Viktoria Mitsukova (VM) - LLM Students Representative
Claire Higgins (CH) - LLM Students Representative
Mark McMahon (MM) - LLM Society President
Florian Wagner-von Papp (FW) – Lecturer
Alison Diduck (AD) - Director of Research Studies
Marlene Cox (MC) - LLM Programme Administrator
Jenny Young (JY) - Administrative Manager for Undergraduate programmes
Gemma Burridge (GB) - LLB Programme Administrator
Iris H-Y Chiu (IC) - Lecturer
Apologies for Absence:
Rob Chambers (RC) – Vice Dean, Taught Programmes
Michael Hough (MH) – LLB Senior Student Representative
Welcome and Introductions
The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting and asked the group to introduce themselves.
Minutes of the previous meeting (held on 26 March 2010)
The minutes of the last meeting were approved by those present.
Matters arising from minutes:
Study Space Shortage: VM raised the issue of study space. The quiet study area
(Bowling Alley) is inadequate for the purposes of study space, there are no sockets
and no tables. Also, the noise levels in the corridor can be very high. VM suggested
that Cissy Chu Common Room (the CCC Room) would be more appropriate as there
are laptop plugs and tables, and the room is isolated from the main corridors.
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Cissy Chu Common Room – Noise Levels:
 VM and CH explained that they were trying to use the CCC Room for study groups,
however, the noise levels became unacceptable. Also, the undergraduate law society
set up a football table, so as a result it is sometimes impossible even to have a
general conversation because of the noise level and rowdy behaviour of some
MC explained that the Graduate Office received a complaint about the noise levels in
the CCC Room. An e-mail has been sent out to all LLM and LLB students, asking
them to be more conscious about the noise levels.
JS reminded the students that although the CCC Room was intended to provide a
congenial space used for difference purposes, it is still university premises, so it is
important to respect fellow students and be extra conscious of noise. Also, alternative
venues for study space should be considered, booking rooms for study groups on a
rotational basis.
Personal Tutoring System
JS explained that Personal Tutoring System is a university-wide policy, not just a
Faculty one. No issues arose from this.
Penalties for late submission
JS explained that this is a university-wide policy, which introduced much stricter
consequences of late submission. JS also asked the student societies to emphasise
the new policy to the students.
Service standards for student feedback
No matters arose. JS explained that in accordance with the regulations supervisors
will be required to provide feedback to students on the draft dissertation (LLM
Students) or research essay (undergraduates) on a minimum of one occasion if it is
provided to the supervisor by a deadline specified.
Pay as you go printing
JS noted that pay as you go printing has been implemented in the Faculty of Laws
(This applies to Cluster Rooms, not Research Student Room).
JD reported problems with toners in the computer room 2.
SR explained that perhaps printing for the mooting competitions should be
subsidised, as it requires a lot of printing. The Faculty could perhaps provide
encouragement and support for the students engaged in such activities
ACTION : Students were asked to report any problems with toners or computers in
the cluster rooms to Ian Peel, the Faculty IT Manager. JS to raise the issue of
subsidised printing for mooting competitions with the Dean’s Team.
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Student Issues
Over-crowdness of LLM Classes: CH reported that some LLM classes were overcrowded, in particular, the International Arbitration class, with people sitting on the
floor. JS noted that this can have serious Health and Safety implications.
ACTION: JS asked MC to send out an e-mail to all staff, requesting them to report the
problems with class size. Student number should match the seats available.
First year tutorials: NS reported that there are fewer tutorials for first year students,
commencing 6 weeks after the start of the academic year, which gives them very
little time for preparation. JY explained that rationale for introducing tutorials later in
the year was to allow first year students a sufficient time to settle in.
ACTION POINT: JY will raise the issue of first year tutorials with RC.
Keys to the Law Society Room: JD pointed out that he always has to ask Fahad to
provide the keys for him. JS noted a key pad will be installed on the door instead.
LLM Teaching: VM pointed out that LLM teaching is based primarily on lectures, and
it would be better to have more tutorials and discussions. JS explained the LLM
Programme is different from the LLB programme, as it is more self-directed. She also
suggested that masters students should form their own tutorial groups for
Legal Writing Course for foreign students: VM explained that there are limited spaces
that are booked up very quickly. AD will check whether or not the LLM students can
go on the Better Legal Writing course run by Jackie Thomas for undergraduate
students. Also, VM pointed out that foreign LLM students have no opportunity to
practice common-law essay writing until the summative exams, she suggested
introducing more practice essays and mock/formative exams.
Absence due to ill-health policy for undergraduate students:: JY explained that if a
student fails to produce a self-certificate within one week of returning to their studies,
it will be invalid, and s/he would need to see the Faculty Tutor.
Date of next meeting
JS - no date has been set as Olga Thomas (Faculty Tutor) will be back from maternity leave
in January.
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Staff Student Consultative Committee