Installation Procedures:
For the Con-Tech Non-IC 3” Metal Halide Fixtures
RA316E20MH and RA316E39MH
Follow NEC and local electrical codes when installing products.
Consult qualified electrician to ensure proper installation.
Caution – Risk of Fire
Insulation must not be used in direct contact with
fixture. Provide 3" space between any part of fixture
and insulation. (See Fig. 1)
1. Extend bar hangers to fit between joists. Hangers should be level with
bottom of joists.
2. Hammer mounting spikes into wood. Secure with screws or nails (not
provided). (See Fig. 2)
3. For T-Bar ceilings use slot in bottom of bars to align fixture. Secure with
proper fasteners (not provided). (See Fig. 3)
Electrical Connections:
Warning - Power source must conform to the requirements of the
fixture (see labels on fixture), all NEC and local electrical codes.
1. Supply wire must be rated at 75°C or higher.
2. Connect power source to fixture junction box.
3. Connect blacks to blacks (hot), whites to whites (neutral), and greens to
greens (ground) with twist type wire connectors (not provided). (See Fig. 4)
4. Close junction box cover after wiring.
1. Loosen housing set screws.
2. Adjust housing flush to finish ceiling and tighten screws.
3. Connect ceramic socket provided in trim box to quick connect in housing.
4. Place lamp in trim between retaining clip and lamp holder to seat lamp.
5. If optional lenses are provided place in lamp holder prior to seating lamp.
(Up to 2 additional lenses/filters can be used).
6. Place lamp pins into the 2 holes in ceramic lamp socket. Twist lamp to
make connection.
7. Tuck excess wire leads into housing.
8. Insert mounting springs on trim into housing. Push up until trim is seated
firmly against ceiling.
9. Twist trim 1/4 of a turn to secure.
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