BISA @ 40
Workshop 1: Tuesday 16th June
9:00 AM-5:00PM
Coord. Alejandro Pena (University of York)
Workshop 3: Tuesday 16th June
9:00 AM-5:00PM
Sending States, Emigrants & Diasporas: New Trends
& Novel Approaches in Political Science (By Invite
Impunity, Security and the Colonial Frontier (By
Invite only)
BISA Sponsored workshop
BISA Sponsored workshop
Room: Beaufort
Room: Golden Hind 12th Floor
Part. Alan Gamlen (Oxford University and Victoria
University of Wellington)
Part. Zsuzsa Csergo (Queen’s University)
Part. Fiona Adamson (SOAS)
Part. Patrick Ireland (Illinois Institute of Technology)
Part. Sarah Garding (Nuffield College-University of
Part. Covadonga Meseguer (London School of
Part. Myra Waterbury (Ohio State University)
Part. Yehonatan Abramson (Johns Hopkins University)
Coord. Maria Koinova (University of Warwick)
Coord. Gerasimos Tsourapas (SOAS)
Part. Corrina Mullin (University of Tunis)
Part. Elisa Wynne-Hughes (University of Cardiff)
Part. Freya Irani (SOAS)
Part. Jan Wilkens (University of Hamburg)
Part. Lara Montesinos Coleman (University of Sussex)
Part. Louiza Odysseos (University of Sussex)
Part. Martin Bayly (LSE)
Part. Samar Al-Bulushi (Yale University)
Part. Shubranshu Mishra (University of Kent)
Part. Sundeep Lidher (University of Cambridge)
Part. Mustapha Pasha (Aberystwyth University)
Part. Tahseen Kazi (Georgia Institute of Technology)
Part. Xavier Mathieu (University of Sheffield)
Coord. Meera Sabaratnam (SOAS)
Workshop 2: Tuesday 16th June
9:00 AM-5:00PM
Workshop 4: Tuesday 16th June
9:00 AM-5:00PM
Protest, Social Movements, and Global Democracy
since 2011 (By Invite only)
Non-Western Small States: What Agency in an
Unequal World? (By Invite only)
BISA Sponsored workshop
BISA Sponsored workshop
Room: Neville
Room: Great Harry 12th Floor
Part. Armine Ishkanian (LSE)
Part. Ali Bilgic (Bilkent University)
Part. Anna Grasso (Sciences Po Aix)
Part. Emmy Eklundh (University of Manchester)
Part. Gilberto Algar-Faria (University of Bristol)
Part. Holly Ryan (City University of London and King's
Part. Anna Subirats Ribas (European University
Part. Ikudo Gonoi (University of Tokyo)
Part. Iason Gabriel (University of Oxford)
Part. Maria Grasso (University of Sheffield)
Part. Marc Jones (Durham University)
Part. Matheus Lock Santos (Queen Mary - University
of London)
Part. Marta Iniguez de Heredia (University of
Part. Shauna Mottiar (University of KwaZulu-Natal)
Part. Tom Davies (City University of London)
Part. Baldur Thorhallsson (University of Iceland)
Part. Bradley Thayer (University of Iceland)
Part. David Galbreath (University of Bath)
Part. Imad El-Anis (Nottingham Trent University)
Part. Jean-Marc Rickli (King's College London Joann
Bin Jassim Joint Command and Staff College, Doha)
Part. Marko Kovacevic (University of Belgrade)
Part. Gabriela Ozel Volfova (Metropolitan University
Prague and Oriental Institute of the Academy of
Sciences of the Czech Republic)
Part. Victor Gigleux (University of Edinburgh)
Part. Virginie Grzelczyk (Aston University)
Part. David Styan (Birkbeck College)
Part. Archie Simpson (University of Bath)
Part. Sarina Theys (Newcastle University)
Part. Anders Wivel (University of Copenhagen)
Coord. Marie Gibert (Nottingham Trent University)
Workshop 5: Tuesday 16th June
9:00 AM-5:00PM
Workshop 7: Tuesday 16th June
9:00 AM-5:00PM
Anarchy Reconsidered (By Invite only)
Mapping the nexus between critical peacebuilding
and transitional justice (By Invite only)
BISA Sponsored workshop
Room: Discovery 12th Floor
BISA Sponsored workshop
Part. Alex Prichard (University of Exeter)
Part. Alexander Anievas (University of Cambridge)
Part. Christian Pfenninger (University of Westminster)
Part. Chris Rossdale (Royal Holloway)
Part. Hidemi Suganami (Aberystwyth University)
Part. Lucien Ashworth (Memorial University)
Part. Marcial Garcia Suarez (Fluminense Federal
Part. Mathias Albert (University of Bielefeld)
Part. Peter Halden (Swedish National Defence College)
Part. Phil Cerny (University of Manchester)
Part. Robin Dunford (Brighton University)
Part. Steven Hobden (University of East London)
Part. William Bain (National University of Singapore)
Coord. Jonathan Havercroft (University of
Room: Mayflower 12th Floor
Part. Catherine Baker (University of Hull)
Part. Daniela Lai (Royal Holloway)
Part. Jasna Dragovic-Soso (Goldsmiths College)
Part. Maria O'Reilly (Goldsmiths College)
Part. Rebekka Friedman (Kings College London)
Part. Sari Wastell (Goldsmiths College)
Part. Laura Martin (University of Edinburgh)
Part. Valerie Arnould (Egmont Institute)
Coord. Jelena Obradovic-Wochnik (Aston University)
Workshop 8: Tuesday 16th June
9:00 AM-5:00PM
Private Security beyond Private Military and Security
(By Invite only)
Workshop 6: Tuesday 16th June
9:00 AM-5:00PM
BISA Sponsored workshop
Beyond the Gatekeeper state? IR perspectives on
African states in the 21st century (By Invite only)
Room: Nimrod 12th Floor
Part. Asne Aarstad (Aarhus University)
Part. Andre Barrinha (University of Canterbury)
Part. Sarah Komasova (Charles University)
Part. Byron Price (Medger Evers College, CUNY)
Part. Gilles Biaumet (Universite de Saint Louis)
Part. Hendrik Hegemann (University of Hamburg)
Part. Karina Moreno Saldivar (Long Island University
Part. Pawel Frankowski (Jagiellonian University)
Part. William Vlcek (University of St Andrews)
Coord. Helena Carrapico (Aston University)
Coord. Oldrich Bures (Metropolitan University Prague)
BISA Sponsored workshop
Room: Mortimer
Part. Carl Death (University of Manchester)
Part. Elizabeth Cobbett (University of East Anglia)
Part. Mohamed Ingiriis (St Peter's College-University
of Oxford)
Part. Julia Gallagher (Royal Holloway)
Part. Maria Ambrozy (SOAS)
Part. Stefan Andreasson (Queen's University Belfast)
Part. Sophie Harman (Queen Mary University of
Part. Tim Shaw (University of Massachusetts)
Part. Tom Young (SOAS)
Part. David Williams (Queen Mary, University of
Part. William Brown (The Open University)
Coord. Sara Dorman (University of Edinburgh)
Workshop 9: Tuesday 16th June
9:00 AM-5:00PM
10 Years of Critical Terrorism Studies (By Invite only)
BISA Sponsored workshop
Room: Britannia 12th Floor
Part. Adrian Hanni (University of Zurich)
Part. Akil Awan (Royal Holloway)
Part. Charlotte Heath-Kelly (University of Warwick)
Part. Francesco Ragazzi (University of Leiden)
Part. Louise Rigby (University of Leeds)
Part. Harmonie Toros (University of Kent)
Part. Jeroen Gunning (Durham University)
Part. Lee Jarvis (University of East Anglia)
Part. Marie Breen-Smyth (University of Surrey)
Part. Megan Armstrong (Newcastle University)
Part. Nick Robinson (University of Leeds)
Part. Nicholas Michelsen (King's College London)
Part. Philip Edwards (Manchester Metropolitan
Part. Richard Jackson (University of Otago)
Part. Stef Wittendorp (University of Groningen)
Part. Nadya Ali (University of Reading)
Coord. James Fitzgerald (Dublin City University)
Workshop 10: Tuesday 16th June
9:00 AM-5:00PM
Hero(in)es and Heroism in International Relations
(By Invite only)
BISA Sponsored workshop
Room: Great Eastern 12th Floor
Part. Andrew Cooper (University of Waterloo)
Part. Alexandra Martins (Lisbon University)
Part. Ane Kirkegaard (Malmo University College)
Part. Brieg Powel (Aberystwyth University)
Part. Cecilia Ase (Stockholm University)
Part. Lori Crowe (York University)
Part. Barbara Falk (Canadian Forces College)
Part. Jane Parpart (University of Massachusetts)
Part. Kevin Partridge (Carleton College)
Part. Lindsay Murch (University of Birmingham)
Part. Maria Wendt (Stockholm University)
Part. Matthew Morgan (York University)
Part. Veronica Kitchen University of Waterloo
Coord. Jenny Mathers (Aberystwyth University)

BISA @ 40 Workshops