Associations de retraités College and University des universités et collèges Retiree Associations

College and University
Retiree Associations
Of Canada
Associations de retraités
des universités et collèges
du Canada
2136 West Mall,
Vancouver, BC, V6T 1Z4
August 2015
Catherine Adam
Federal-Provincial Relations and Social Policy Branch
Department of Finance
15th Floor
90 Elgin St
Ottawa, Canada K1A 0G5
Dear Ms Adam,
Please find attached a submission from the College and University Retiree Associations of
Canada (CURAC/ARUCC) in response to the invitation to comment on the government’s
proposal for a Voluntary Supplement to the Canada Pension Plan (CPP). One of the purposes of
this federation is to address issues of concern to its more than fifteen thousand members across
the country. Those members for the most part are members of a defined benefit pension plan,
which may or may not be integrated with the CPP, or a defined contribution pension plan.
Although as current pensioners they will not be affected by the proposal, our future members
could be affected when they become pensioners. Our strong belief is that the currect proposal
would do little to improve the ability of Canadians to adequately finance their retirements for
reasons outlined in our submission. For further background on our position respecting CPP
enhancement I refer you to our letter of November 2013 to Prime Minister Harper, and our brief
on pensions submitted in June, 2010 to the Federal-Provincial Relations and Social Policy
Branch, both also attached.
Ken Craig, O.C., Ph.D.
cc. Thomas Mulcair, Leader of the NDP
. Justin Trudeau, Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada
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