Learning & Development Centre Research Active Staff Legacy Report

Learning & Development Centre Research Active Staff Legacy Report
The Learning & Development Provision was made available to Research Active Staff (RAS) from 1 August
2013 to 31 July 2014
Source of Funding
Learning & Development Centre (LDC) central funding
Key Activities and Outputs
1. Communication Strategy/ Quality Information
The continuation of the monthly e-newsletter and RAS website to enhance the communication of
information, activities and resources available or all Research Active Staff.
Monthly newsletter:
The purpose of the e-newsletter is:
A total of 12 monthly e-newsletters were
produced. The monthly e-newsletter is sent to
Research Active Staff (RAS) ie Staff on
Research, Academic & Teaching terms &
conditions of employment. The current & past
e-newsletter can be found on the L&D RAS
To raise awareness of Learning &
Development opportunities for RAS
(ie. LDC / UoW / nationally)
To promote the Learning & Development
offerings / workshops and encourage takeup by Research Active Staff
Publicise funding available for Learning &
Development activity (ie. Awards / Funding
for Research Active Staff Networks/ other
external or internal funding)
Share ideas & practice. Also focusing on
some of the activities at Warwick eg
Impact, Public Engagement etc
A new improved website was created to provide
both signposting and to provide useful
information on L&D opportunities for RAS. A
key feature being developed further is the
Resources Bank, a searchable repository of
information to support ongoing reference and
researcher development. It includes
presentations and videos of key workshop talks
for example ones on careers development,
academic writing & statistics.
The website had 10,740 hits from August 2013 to
July 2014
Resource Bank:
The Resource Bank had 3,812 hits for the same
period, greatly increasing the access to resources
from the LDC’s programme of events.
2. RAS L&D Provision of Activities and Events
Researcher Programme
Researcher provision has been offered via lunchtime sessions, half day, full day workshops/ sessions plus
bespoke workshops / sessions for departments or faculties.
The L&D RAS provision going forward will focus on five thematic areas:
o Leadership
Career Development
Research Skills - including Academic & Bid Writing / Statistics Support
Enterprise & Entrepreneurship
Equality & Diversity
Of the five thematic areas the main focus this year was on Career Development, Research Skills and
Equality & Diversity
Some examples of the provision included:
Technologies and Research - 4 February 2014
A collaboration with the Teaching & Learning Unit, Emma King
Unconscious Bias sessions
- International Women’s Day, Physics – 11 March 2014 – 17 attendees
- Equality & Diversity Network – Unconscious Bias presentation – 28 April 2014 - 25 staff
- WBS Senior Team for GEM action plan – 2 June 2014 – 25 attendees
- Research Active Staff (RAS) session 11 June 2014 - 6 delegates in total
Dignity contacts training session
4 & 15 July – 16 attendees
WOW sessions
Unconscious Bias (UB) – 15 April 2014 - 20 delegates
Gender Equality Mark (GEM) – 8 July 2014 - 31 delegates
* Statistics pilot lunchtime seminar programme
The project was set up by Sandy Sparks in LDC following requests from Research Active Staff to:
o Improve understanding of statistics in research methodology
o Develop knowledge and skills in statistical analysis to enhance the preparation and completion of
research projects
This is a collaboration with RISCU, Director Simon French & Life Sciences, Andrew Mead (now left the
University of Warwick)
The programme consisted of:
- 1-1 support – 7 in total, 2 since August 2013.
One led to a bid submission with the Department & RISCU
- lunchtime sessions: - 12 in total, 4 since August 2013
The Role of Statistical Analysis within a Broader Research Methodology
Experimental Design
Confirmatory Statistics: Identifying, Framing & Testing Hypotheses
Estimation, Variation and Uncertainty
Exploratory Data Analysis and Multi-variate Strategies
Bayesian Modelling & Analysis
Regression Modelling, Variable Selection and GLMs
Qualitative & Quantitative Analysis, Survey & Questionnaire Design
Embedding Statistics Effectively in your Research
Methods to Analyse Correlated Data
Measurements, Meaningfulness & Scale Types
Bid Data & Large–scale Data Analysis
The powerpoints & video resources/ information of the above sessions have been included in the
resources bank.
- website resources – specific section includes
o ‘Statistics Glossary’ of terms
o A guidance list of statistics software packages being used at Warwick
o A case study by Simon French (Director of RISCU) reflecting on the pilot Statistics Series
- a Statistics Steering Group was established and met on 16th April, to consider broader
engagement and the development of this pilot programme from September 2012. Due to low
attendance figures as well as limited resources of expert statistics speakers to help run these
sessions this pilot programme has now ceased.
Academic Writing Programme (AWP)
- 1 to 1 Support
LDC provided support/advice to 5 Research Active Staff on an individual basis on academic writing
for either publication or funding proposals
- Workshops
22 January 2014 – Writing Journal Articles - 11 delegates
29 January 2014 - Writing Collaboratively Comments. -11 delegates
14 May 2014 - Training Yourself to be a Prolific Writer -17 delegates
4 June 2014 - Academic Writing: Dissemination for Impact – 7 delegates
Academic Writing Programme Away Days
These writing away days run over 2 days and offer Research Active Staff the opportunity to
focus exclusively on their writing
20 & 21 March 2014 - 19 delegates
26 & 27 June 2014 – 17 delegates
This was a collaborative provision undertaken with Rochelle Sibley from the Warwick Writing
Career Development Support
This was one of the new foci this year in response to Research Active Staff requests
- 1 to 1 Support
Careers Consultants provided 1-1 support for 19 Research Active Staff to assist with CV advice,
career planning, preparing for interviews or mock interviews.
- Workshops (pilot)
Career Development: Interview Success - 28 November 2013 - 13 delegates
Career Development: Shortlisting - 3 December 2013 – 5 delegates
Career Development: Evidencing Your Skills - 30 January 2014 – 10 delegates
Career Development: Writing a Short CV - 1 May 2014 – 10 delegates
Career Development: Practice Interviews - 8 May 2014 – 5 delegates
Career Development: Preparing CV’s for Non-Research/non Academic Jobs - 5 June 2014 –
5 delegates
For 2014/5 a collaboration with Student Careers & Skills will open some of these courses to final
year PhD /research students.
Research Team Leaders Programme
This programme was not planned to run 2013/4 but it is planned to run during 2014/5
Coaching & Mentoring
The 1-1 support is provided to RAS by Sandy Sparks. 15 people have been seen, with a range of
L&D/Career development issues discussed.
3. Funding Awarded for Research Staff Networks
Funding has been accessed and used in many exciting ways by individuals and departments. 15 awards
were offered to Research Active Staff with a total value of £13,000 was allocated of which £10,700.33 was
Karen Ruane
Siew Wan & Thomas
Sarah Payne &
Karoline Strauss
Penny Smith
Vannessa Goodship
Alex Miles
Eleni Karasouli &
Sian Taylor-Phillips
Susan Burrows &
David Walker
Barbara Merrill
Melina Dritsaki
Martin Price
Martine Barons
Wharton Sue
Rowitha Gostner &
John Meadows
Mitchell Daniel
Actual spend
WIS event
Medical Statistics Book & Journal club
Researching Human Fatigue in the Workplace
Education Research Network
WMG Researcher Forum
Public Engagement Staff Network
WMS Early Career Researchers
Physics Researcher Network
CLL Research Staff Netowrk
Health Economics Journal Club Network
Horizon 2020 Workshop
Public Engagement Staff Network
Social Science and Discourse Analysis in Research
Experimental & Thoeretical Perspectives Network
Division of Microbiology and Infectious Disease
Feedback reports have been produced and are available to share the learning as well as providing ideas and
examples that can be copied or adapted in the future. This report will be provided & available in Autumn
In summary, the funding enabled the Research Active Staff involved to:
increase networking and promotion opportunities for themselves, their departments and the
create opportunities to liaise with other potential collaborators within and outside academia, including
companies and SME's.
pilot ideas or to test ideas to include in future grant applications.
develop their transferable skills (organising events) useful for career development.
Supporting the Development of a Research Active Staff Community
Research Staff Forum (RSF) met
19 November 2013
25 February 2014
21 May 2014
Staff Networks
Working with “leads” to encourage research networks both within faculties & departments.
See the ‘Networks’ page & funding above for further details and contacts for these and other
Researcher Networks at Warwick:
4. Bespoke / New / Information/ Additional activities & collaborations
WMG Career Development session on 4 February 2014, which Sandy presented with Richard
Moffatt, WMG talking about the WMG offering & support, arranged by the WMS Young Leaders.
Mediation - April 2014 – successful agreement reached between the parties
Warwick Medical School (WMS) Annual Network Meeting March 2014 – presented a session on
‘Know your Strengths’ Realise 2
Presentations about L&D opportunities and support and information relevant to RAS were given at
the Life Science Network, Chemistry Research Fellow Forum and the Physics Network and this
one included a discussion on learning development opportunities, such as the Postgraduate
Certificate in Transferable Skills in Science for PDRAs
Leading and Managing Research Excellence (LMRE) Coaching and Mentoring session in Teeside /
Sunderland in January 2014 – Invited with Principal Researcher to talk about the WMG mentoring
example. Invited to present again in January 2015.
Warwick Admin Manager Programme (WAMP) creativity session 3 April 2014
Sheffield / Nottingham / Warwick – researcher developers collaboration and practice sharing
Women in Science (WIS) – presented information on the LDC resources and 2 workshops on
‘Developing Your Career’ ‘ was a hugely popular session at WIS A Day With… 2013, with feedback
from delegates including:
“…THE most useful career session I’ve been too. Suddenly it’s all very clear, what I need to do, what I CAN do, and what I
WANT to do…” [WMS Senior Research Fellow]
“…enjoyable, fun and really easy to fit my career ideas into the model. Fitted in with the idea of the “expert speakers”
having different career journeys too – everyone has a different idea of where they are going, and so it’s good to have a
plan…” [Mathematics PhD Student]
“Work smart not hard. Love that.” [WMG Researcher]
Centre for Applied Linguistics (CAL) – facilitated the day 17 December - Focus being on developing
a research strategy / plan for the next five years.
Attended the Research Data Management Action Group monthly meetings with training planned for
next academic year.
Achievements / outputs – many were used in the HR Excellence and University for Warwick’s
institutional applications
Midlands Staff Developers (MSDP) – attended to meeting 4 December 2013 Birmingham and 5
March 2014 Warwick
Vitae Hub Co-ordinator role
- Pilot programme at Warwick ‘Establishing Yourself’ and train the trainer course.
- Presented session to 25 delegates on Unconscious Bias at Nottingham Vitae event
- Attended the Vitae Midlands Researcher Developer Group meetings twice per year.
Warwick Academic Shadowing Pilot Programme with Prof Alison Rogers and Kevin Hamer
SEMESP / Brazil visit 12 – 15 May 2014. 40 Delegates. Programme Director jointly with Kevin
Management of the LDC budget, with Kevin Hamer since January 2014
Self- managed team from January 2014 onwards.
Staff Development Funding - 42 applications and £9087.57 allocated. Currently the SDF and
Professional Qualifications Policy are under review and closed.
Sandy Sparks (Learning & Development Advisor for Research Active Staff) 80% FTE post (made indefinite
during this year) was funded and focused on the following:
Managing the Funding Awards
Supporting researcher networks and funding for networks
Ensuring we provide high quality information for RAS through the website and monthly e-newsletter
on L&D opportunities.
Scoping existing provision of L&D support in Warwick and outside for RAS
Commissioning, designing and delivering workshops for RAS
Offering bespoke L&D support to Departments and Faculties work.
Lisa Lavender (Learning & Development Project Officer) 40% FTE & Lisa focused on:
Ensuring we provide high quality information for RAS via development and maintenance of the website and
monthly e-newsletter on L&D opportunities. She was involved in the statistics pilot project & improved
website as well as providing administrative help. This will move back to shared services from August 2014.
Future Plans:
The L&D provision for RAS will continue Sandy’s 80% contract
Project management support 40 % FTE, this will depend on funding & strategic prioritize.
The L&D RAS provision will continue to focus on five thematic areas:
o Leadership
Research Skills - including Academic & Bid Writing / Statistics Support
Equality & Diversity
Career Development
Enterprise & Entrepreneurship
Research Staff Forum, to continue to meet x1 per term with PVC support and attendance
The main focus for 2014/5 will be guided by the University Strategy, Research Staff Forum and PVCs for
Sandy Sparks
September 2014
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