– LMI for Career Practioners the Scottish Approach

LMI for Career Practioners –
the Scottish Approach
ESRC Seminar series, UWS , 29th Nov
Skills Development Scotland
1. Policy Context – A Consensus Emerges
2. Making LMI Work for SDS
3. Resources and Priorities
4. SDS Internet LMI – Public Access
5. SDS Intranet LMI – Staff Only
6. Questions?
Skills Development Scotland
Policy Context – A Consensus Emerges
Skills Development Scotland
Making LMI Work for SDS
Skills Development Scotland
SDS Labour Market Intelligence
• Resources - Team of six staff, small budget
• Workstreams in terms of priority
1. Design and develop a LMI system for SDS staff
2. Support the work of SDS Sector Managers
3. Provide bespoke analysis for SDS staff
4. Support the Skills Committee
5. Commission new research working with others
• Aims:
– Provide an LMI service for SDS staff at all levels
– Enhance SDS’ reputation in this field
Skills Development Scotland
Main priorities identified for
LMI system
• Based on staff consultation
• SDS refreshed website has local portal for LMI
• CPD necessary for staff
• LMI Events
• Virtual LMI Group for future consultation
• Career Management Information required for clients
• Free to use by partners
Skills Development Scotland
SDS Knowledge – Public LMI Access
Skills Development Scotland
SDS Intranet LMI – Staff Only
Skills Development Scotland
SDS Staff Views - Training Feedback
LMI Training – Staff Views
93% found the training useful/very useful
91% rated the guidance material as useful/very useful
89% found the practical exercises as useful/very useful
97% are confident about using the SDS website to
access LMI
Gaining access to the LMI content directly from the SDS website was seen as very
positive and highlights the importance placed on this tool by SDS management
Loads of really useful info in there. Definitely worth having dedicated members of staff
working on LMI …. Will definitely use it in future.
An excellent LMI resource for SDS staff. Already being promoted to our partners –
schools, community partnerships etc. A wealth of materials to use in discussion with
clients of all ages and stages.
Skills Development Scotland
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