The purpose of this program is to allow all Faculty Retirees of the Faculty of Science to be reimbursed for
expenses related to their current research activities associated with SFU and for which funding cannot be
obtained from other sources. Such grants-in-aid provide a direct link to the University, which can benefit
both the University and the recipient, and allow the recipients to disseminate their SFU-affiliated research.
Retired faculty members from the Faculty of Science who are still active in research. Members must
submit a proposal for expenses for pre-approval by the Associate Dean of Science, prior to
committing to the expenses, to ensure eligibility.
Eligible members can only submit ONE claim ANNUALLY between Dec. 1, 2014 and Dec. 20, 2014.
• Paid expenses can only be claimed for the current calendar year. For example, 2014 claims can
include eligible expenses dated and paid for between Jan. 1, 2014 up to Dec. 20, 2014.
• Only expenses incurred after retirement from SFU may be claimed.
• All items must be paid for, conferences attended, and travel concluded before a claim can be
• The maximum amount that may be claimed is $2000. Up to, but not more than, 85% of expenses will
be reimbursed.
• Unclaimed amounts do not accrue.
• Eligible RGR expenses reimbursed by research grants or any other funds cannot be re-claimed as
RGR expenses.
• Items purchased for someone else cannot be claimed using your RGR.
After three calendar years from the date of purchase, the member has the option of purchasing these
items from the Faculty of Science at fair market value.
When you terminate your research activities, you have 3 choices regarding equipment purchased
within 3 years of your end date using RGR funds:
Choice 1: Leave equipment with the Faculty of Science.
Choice 2: Keep the equipment and reimburse the University at Fair Market Value, information found at:
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May 2013
Choice 3: Keep the equipment and declare it as a taxable benefit at Fair
Market Value.
• All purchases must be supported by the ORIGINAL invoice in your name. All receipts must clearly
identify the specific item(s) purchased and the total amount paid. Order forms, estimates, packing
slips, photocopies and faxes are not acceptable. If receipt/invoice does not clearly state the total
amount was paid, it must be accompanied by proof of payment.
• Charges without accompanying receipt details will not be reimbursed. A copy of a debit/credit card
sales slip/statement on its own is not sufficient. All items purchased and method of payment must be
clearly indicated on the statement and must be in English (or translated into English).
• Please number receipts to correspond with the item number on the claim form.
• Small receipts must be stapled out onto 8 ½ x 11 paper or your claim will be returned.
• Credit card/account numbers must not be legible (for security reasons).
• Expense amounts on claim form must be listed in Canadian currency.
For expenses paid for in currency other than Canadian $:
1. If you paid in non-$CDN cash: Please use the Bank of Canada converter at:
Input the date that matches the transaction date on the receipt, the amount and press the convert button.
Record the equivalent Canadian amount onto your claim form, print the conversion page and attach it
to the claim with the relevant receipt. If the transaction date is a bank holiday, please use the next
available date.
2. If you paid by $CDN credit card: claim the Canadian amount from your credit card statement, and
include a copy of the credit card statement for proof.
3. If you paid by non-$CDN credit card: include a copy of the credit card statement showing date of
payment, and complete the following using the Bank of Canada converter at:
Input the date that matches the transaction date on the receipt, the amount and press the convert button.
Record the equivalent Canadian amount onto your claim form, print the conversion page and attach it
to the claim with the relevant receipt.
• Claims are processed by date based on when completed claims are received by the Dean’s office.
Processing time depends on the number of claims received.
• Processing cannot begin until a complete claim is received by the Dean’s office.
• A complete claim consists of: the signed claim form filled in with eligible expenses and date expense
was paid, all original receipts/proof of payment attached, and all expenses listed in Canadian currency
as well as any GST or HST paid on Canadian receipts. Incomplete claims will be returned.
• Please ensure your RGR Claim form is signed and includes all required supporting documents.
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May 2013
Eligible Items/Notes
What to Submit/Attach to Claim
Membership Fees
(Professional Dues)
®Fees for membership in scholarly and licensing
bodies or organizations directly related to your
teaching/research at SFU.
®Lifetime membership fees, not eligible.
® Voluntary contributions/donations, not eligible.
®“Who’s Who” organization/network (eg.
Continental Who’s Who Registry), not eligible.
Workshop and
Seminar Registration
®These can only be claimed after attendance at
the event, even if the registration fee was paid in a
previous year.
®Must include original invoice (no copies or
faxes) detailing charges, amount paid and date
®If email order is only receipt received, please
indicate in claim that was the only receipt/invoice
®Dues paid in non-Cdn $ must include a copy of
credit card statement.
®Must include proof of conference /event
attendance - eg. copy of pages or cover from
conference program/booklet or original name
tag received when checked into the
conference which show dates & location of
conference plus any pages where your name
is mentioned. *Certificate of Attendance from
conference organizers also acceptable.*
®Conference registration confirmation detailing
amount paid and date paid must be submitted
with RGR claim.
®If any conference-related expenses were
claimed elsewhere, RGR claim must include
copy of all pages of the Expense Claim/Grant
where the other conference expenses were
® If claiming expenses for a research trip/invited
talk or guest lecture, claim must include the
1. Statement detailing who you were meeting
with, where, on what dates and how the trip
relates to your teaching/research at SFU and,
2. Documentation/email(s) from colleague(s)
inviting you to visit as well as confirmation/email
from your colleague(s) that you worked there on
the reported dates.
®All original boarding passes must be
included as well as travel invoice/itinerary
showing the fare details and proof of amount
®Luggage porter fees not eligible.
®For invited talk/lecture, please include copy of
talk/lecture with your claim.
®RGR claim requires copy of airfare
itinerary/boarding passes/hotel bill showing that
you went to the conference/event even if not
claimed on your RGR claim.
Research Trip:
®Can claim a maximum of 2 weeks for
accommodation, transportation and meal
®Claims must include a statement detailing your
trip; (eg. dates worked, location, etc.) and how it
relates to your research/teaching at SFU, etc.
®Economy class (not business or first class) at the
most reasonable rate –Airfare change fees,
cancellation fees, excess baggage fees or travel
insurance, not eligible
®Claims for airfare must be supported by original
boarding passes for each segment of travel.
®Airfare claimed for conference, meeting,
workshop, seminar, invited guest lecture or
research trip must coincide with
conference/research trip dates.
®RGR only reimburses return airfare from
Vancouver to conference location and for
duration of conference only: if your airfare
includes non-conference travel, your RGR claim
must include quote for cost of return airfare
Vancouver to conference location coinciding with
dates of conference: must get quote before you
leave. You will be reimbursed that amount.
eg. conference in London, England and personal
travel afterwards to Paris: RGR only reimburses
Vancouver to London return for conference dates.
Other Equipment
®Economy hotel costs for faculty member only: can
claim 1 night before start of conference, duration of
conference and last night of the conference, rest is
personal time.
®Reimbursement is only after the date of the
®Room service, alcohol, movies and tips are not
®If claiming economy car rental, eligible only for
duration of conference. Car rental insurance is not
eligible. No mileage for car rental.
®Taxi fare to/from Vancouver/Abbotsford airport for
travel to conference is eligible.
®Vancouver/Abbotsford airport parking for duration
of conference attendance is eligible.
®Mileage (your car only) $0.51 per kilometer
(1 mile=1.61 km)
®No meal expenses for other individuals.
®No local meals eligible for RGR, only if during
local conference/workshop.
®Reasonable expenses.
®No alcoholic beverages.
®No hotel room service.
®No tips.
®If claim food per diem, do not claim hotel meal
®If claiming meals per diem, the onus rests with
the faculty member to present receipts in the event
of a Canada Revenue Agency audit.
®Original hotel invoice showing total amount
paid and date paid; or hospitality of $35
®Ineligible hotel expenses: fitness centre fees,
health club pass, hotel/airport internet, hotel
telephone charges, room upgrade, laundry
service, pet charges and hotel safe/locker
®Computer (and warranty at time of purchase)
purchased in Canada used for the purpose of
research and/or teaching at SFU.
®Definition of computer: desktop/laptop/tablet/iPad.
®Eligible for RGR: 1 computer every 3 years. A
second computer RGR reimbursement request
in less than 3 years requires justification and
pre-approval of Chair, Director or Dean.
®Monitors maximum 27”.
®1 monitor every 3 years.
®RGR expenses cannot be used to pay for
laboratory computer equipment or for your
research team/students – only for your computer.
®Research equipment directly related to your
current active research (not for use by student(s) or
research assistant or lab). One every 3 years. (eg.
one printer every 3 years).
®Original receipt confirming total amount and
date paid.
® Hardware purchased within 3 years of
retirement or contract end date must include preapproval from Chair, Director or Dean.
®Charges for computer repair/service/labour not
®Optional accessories such as computer
bag/briefcase/stand/cover; keyboard or screen
protector/stylus/docking station/port
replicator/lock/trackpad, not eligible.
®If claiming taxi fare, must include original taxi
receipt as copy of credit card statement alone is
not sufficient. Tips not eligible.
®Lower Mainland local travel costs (mileage,
taxi, bus, train) to meetings or conferences in
Lower Mainland are not eligible.
®Local hotel in Lower Mainland, not eligible.
®Original receipts or per diem. A credit
card/debit slip alone is not sufficient and will be
returned to you.
®Per diem Canada & USA $Cdn:
Breakfast $10 Cdn
Lunch $14 Cdn
Dinner $26 Cdn
Total: $50 Cdn/day
®Per diem Rest of World $Cdn:
Breakfast $13 Cdn
Lunch $17 Cdn
Dinner $33 Cdn
Total: $63 Cdn/day
®Original receipts confirming total amount and
date paid.
® Equipment purchased within 3 years before
your exit date must include pre-approval from
Chair, Director or Dean.
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September 2013
®Software must be necessary for research.
®Project/time/task management software not
eligible (eg. Curio, Desktastic, Deskscribble,
SyncBack Pro, not eligible.)
Digital Camera
Prior approval is required from the Associate Dean.
Approval will be given only if is deemed to enhance
current research. A request for pre-approval should
include written explanation detailing how the
equipment is related to your discipline and how
enhances current research to: [email protected]
®Attach a copy of the email approval from
Associate Dean, Research.
®If approved, include original receipt confirming
total amount paid and date paid.
®Cost of repairs not eligible.
®Cost of extended warranty is eligible for
Other Supplies
®Office supplies must directly relate to your area of
®Office supplies for others, ineligible.
®Excessive expenses on office supplies, ineligible.
®Itemized cash register receipts must include
each supply being claimed and proof of amount
paid. A credit card statement alone is not
sufficient for RGR reimbursement.
All the following items are ineligible for reimbursement:
Please note: Items claimed as a research reimbursement must not have been reimbursed
from any other source such as Department or Research Grant or Travel/Business Expense
Claim or Revenue Canada.
Travel guide book
Book(s) authored by you
Book(s) purchased to provide to others
Import or customs fees
Book(s) paid for with gift card/certificate
Lifetime membership fees/dues
Voluntary contribution/donations
Any kind of fines or late fees
Business or First Class travel
Cancellation fee
Airfare change fees
Excess baggage fees
Luggage Porter fees
Any type of travel insurance, medical costs or prescriptions
Passport or passport photo fees
Travel Visa
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September 2013
Fitness centre fees or health club pass
Hotel internet or telephone charges
Hotel room safe / locker charges, room upgrade, laundry service, pet charges
Alcoholic beverages
Room service
Tips, gratuities, item purchased with gift card/certificate
Entertainment expenses & gifts
International driver’s license fees
Car rental insurance
Fines for traffic violations
Local travel costs (mileage, taxi, bus, train) to meetings or conferences held in Lower Mainland.
Local meals unless during attendance of local conference/workshop only
Local hotel
Optional computer accessories: Briefcase, luggage, computer bag/stand/cover, keyboard/screen
protector, stylus, port replicator or docking station, lock, Trackpad, etc.
Audio/stereo cables, SD memory card(s)
Computer monitors over 27”
Home internet charges are ineligible
Cell phone (including cell phone data plan charges) /iPhone/PDA /Blackberry/iPod or
Charges related to telephone or telephone use such as: Softel software, Skype and Toodledo
Phone cards, fax machine, fax charges, answering machine
Sync/charge cables, chargers and cell phone cases
Charges related to TV service/repair
TV used as computer monitor
El Gato HD TV tuner
PVR/DVR machine
Apple TV
Gaming systems(eg.Wii, Playstation), video games
Web-hosting fees
Online backup storage fees (eg. Mozy, SugarSync, DropBox, Zotero)
Any kind of router
Time Capsule router or Airport Express Station
Modem, Ethernet
Networking cables, accessories and wireless adapter
Project/time/task management software (eg. Curio, Desktastic, Deskscribble, SyncBack Pro)
Office furniture or furnishings
Shredder or scanner
Cleaning supplies
Salaries/honorariums for self or others
Charges related to departmental hiring process (eg. meal with candidate)
Charges for department/office keys
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September 2013
Personal living expenses incurred while away
Housing, food, local transportation or internet while away
Expenses incurred while temporarily residing in a place other than your own home
Third party work, services, expenses or payment to/for other individuals
Payments for third party services such as editing, proofing, research assistance, web design,
computer repairs, etc.
PhD/Master’s course fees
Expenses related to a student’s thesis (eg. copying/binding/postage/courier/fax)
Attendance at student’s thesis examination
Conferences fees for graduate student
Travel for research collaborators or others
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September 2013
Steps to Complete RGR Claim:
• Use the most current RGR claim form. You can obtain the form by contacting Peter Ruben, Associate
Dean for Research and Graduate Studies ([email protected]).
• Must be legible and in ink. Receipts must be numbered to match each item claimed.
• Fill in:
• Name
• SFU Employee ID, not Social Insurance Number
• Department
• Date Submitted to Dean’s office
• Phone Number and email Address
• Current Claim Year (eg. January 1, 2013 to December 31, 2013 is the 2013 Claim Year)
• Signature
• Itemize each purchase on the claim form. Insert additional rows if needed. Complete:
• Item # (number your receipts to correspond to Item # on claim form).
• Expense details.
• Date expense paid.
• Amount paid for each expense including any CDN GST or HST (GST or HST paid on Canadian
receipts only).
• Expense amounts on claim form must be listed in Canadian currency.
For expenses paid for non-CDN currency: see Page 3 of this Information Sheet
• All receipts must be original documents and must indicate total amount paid. These must be in
English (or translated into English).
• Total Amounts.
• Incomplete claims will be returned to the claimant. Claim processing cannot begin until a completed
claim is received by the Dean’s office. The completed claim consists of:
1) A signed and completed RGR claim form.
2) All expenses converted to Canadian dollars; conversion confirmation attached.
3) Original receipts for each expense attached numbered to correspond to item # on claim form. All
receipts must show proof of amount paid or be accompanied by proof of payment.
• Submit completed hardcopy to the Dean’s office by either:
Campus mail to Peter Ruben, Associate Dean, Faculty of Science
Drop off in person in Dean’s office.
• Keep a photocopy of all forms and receipts before submitting the originals to the Dean’s office.
Copies are not provided or returned by the Dean’s office.
• For queries please contact Peter Ruben, Associate Dean ([email protected]; 778-782-9351).
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September 2013