December 14, 2015
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President, Vice Presidents, Deans, Directors, and Department Heads
Corey Bradford
Senior Vice President of Business Affairs
Non-Faculty Employee Performance Evaluation Training for New Supervisors
In accordance with the Texas A&M University System Regulation 33.99.03, Performance
Evaluation for Non-Faculty Employees, you are required to complete a performance evaluation
for each non-faculty employee (staff) annually. To assist you in evaluating your employee in an
objective manner and to be compliant with The Texas A&M University System Regulation
33.99.03, we have established a number of training sessions for your convenience. All new
supervisors, and those in need of a performance evaluation refresher, must attend one of the
The purpose of the evaluation is to inform each employee of the quality of his/her work, to
identify those areas needing improvement, and to set specific objectives for the employee. In
your position as a supervisor, this process will assist you in evaluating your workforce, identifying
employee potential, and establishing priorities for training, education, and reward.
Performance evaluations for non-faculty employees will encompass the period beginning
January 1, 2015 and ending December 31, 2015. The deadline for the submission of completed
forms to your respective vice president is March 7, 2016. Performance Evaluation Form, with all
required signatures is due to the Office of Human Resources no later than April 11, 2016. It is
highly recommended that we adhere to the aforementioned deadlines.
In addition, all position descriptions must be modified in the PVTALENT System to reflect the
employee’s current job responsibilities and must be discussed with your employee during the
performance evaluation review. For a tutorial on the steps to modify and/ or route without
changes the employees position description, please refer to the following link:
All training sessions will be held in the Harrington Science Building, Room 101.
Office of Business Affairs
P.O. Box 519; MS 1300
Prairie View, Texas 77446
Phone (936) 261-2150
Fax (936) 261-2159
VPBA Memo FY 16-21
December 14, 2015
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To register on-line for a training session, follow these steps:
Go to
In the gold bar across the top of screen, click on Faculty and Staff.
Go to Business Affairs Online Services and click on the HR Connect/ SSO.
Log into your Single Sign On (SSO) and enter your login information (UIN and Password).
• If you forgot your password go on to the login page, enter your UIN number, click
on the “I forgot my password” link, and follow the prompts. The system will
recognize your account and email your login information to you.
Click on the TrainTraq button in the SSO Menu and then click on the Course Catalog tab.
Search for training course by entering either:
• Course Number: 2112631; or
• Course Name: Non-Faculty Employee Performance Evaluation Training for New
Select course by clicking on Course Name.
Click on Upcoming Sessions.
Select course (date of your choice).
• If course is full, you may add yourself to the waiting list to gain a seat in the course
if someone cancels. To access this waiting list, select the Add to Course Waitlist
Click on Register.
You will receive a confirmation message.
Any questions pertaining to this process should be directed to the Training Specialist - Ms.
LaDonna Harris at x1724 or [email protected]; the Director of Human Resources - Ms. Radhika
Ayyar at x1721 or the [email protected]; or to the Leadership Organizational Accountability
Officer - Dr. Terence Finley at x2194 or [email protected]
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