Telemarketing Script – Calling Guide V0.1 802.11ac Campaign

802.11ac Campaign
Telemarketing Script – Calling Guide
Campaign Calling Instructions & Objectives:
How to use this Call Guide:
Get comfortable with the terms and wordings used in this call guide. .Practice on and off-line
adapting your personality and style so it doesn’t sound like you’re reading a script.
1. Introduce yourself and seek DM’s, IN’s or EV’s (Decision-Makers, Influencers or Evaluators)
in IT Departments.
- Hi, this is __________ (Name) calling with [insert Company Name], working with Aruba
Networks, who provides the most complete WLAN (Wireless LAN) in the marketplace.
i. I need to speak with someone who is involved with network management; with
whom would I want to speak? (If given name, go to #2.)
2. Qualify prospect - Targeting the right decision maker.
- Hi, _____ (Name). I’m ______ _____ with [Company Name], partnered with Aruba
Networks, who provides the most complete WLAN (Wireless LAN) in the marketplace.
- I understand you are involved with the network management at the company?
i. If yes, go to #2b. If no, ask who is responsible?
- (Continue asking WHO until you get at least one prospect name; If obtained, ask person for
the DIRECT phone number and to transfer you; go to top of #2 when reaching another
3. Problem Identification
- I wanted to send you some information regarding Aruba’s 802.11ac Wi-Fi solution, but I first
wanted to make sure it would be appropriate.
- If you don’t mind me asking, how is your current network set up? Have you taken steps to
upgrade to 802.11ac?
- If No
i. With the massive influx of mobile devices, today’s business applications need
increased performance and better reliability, so many of our customers and
business in general are taking steps to resolve these issues.
- How are you able to accommodate the increase in users and mobile devices?
i. With more users (contractors, customers, employees) accessing the network, there
is a demand on IT to ensure reliability and performance is able to support an
abundance of users.
- What steps are you taking to reduce the costs associated with the increased demand from
more users and more devices?
i. As bandwidth and performance needs increase, costs associated with those needs
increase as well, finding the most effective solution to implement has been a
challenge for many in IT.
- Who is solution provider?
i. There are many different WLAN providers, which makes identifying the most
efficient and cost effective solution available difficult.
- What types of unforeseen costs have you come across in the upgrade?
i. As budgets are in place for upgrades, there are hidden costs in additional
hardware, management infrastructure, and ensuring the bandwidth and reach is
the right size for environments.
802.11ac Campaign
Telemarketing Script – Calling Guide
What changes would you like to see?
i. Higher performance?
ii. Lower costs?
iii. Built in wireless intrusion protection?
(It is not necessary to use all questions above; this is used as a guide. Use the questions above to
trigger a conversation and identify a pain or problem, then move to #4)
4. Solution Offering
- We partner with Aruba Networks, who provides the industry’s smartest and most secure
802.11ac Wi-Fi networks with a variety of deployment options to accommodate your needs,
no matter what your size.
- Aruba is able to lead in this space due to having:
Highest performance with Aruba’s ClientMatch technology
1. Guaranteed bandwidth availability for mobile devices no matter where they
2. 94% better device performance compared to Cisco Wi-Fi networks
3. "Patented ClientMatch technology is the answer to sticky clients that have
been slowing wireless LANs down for over a decade. It ensures every
device is connected to the closest and least busy access point"
4. "Without ClientMatch, 802.11ac is just like 802.11n; and 802.11n is like
5. "ClientMatch is the transmission of Aruba's 802.11ac engine. ClientMatch
let's 802.11ac operate at faster rates"
6. "There is no point to buy 802.11ac unless it comes with ClientMatch or an
equivalent technology."
Lowest TCO (total cost of ownership)
1. Aruba’s solution helps you save up to 76% over 3 years
2. With very little capital expense and rightsizing your network, you can easily
see the saving immediately
Purpose-Built 802.11ac APs:
1. "The greenest 802.11ac AP that draws only 15W of power instead of 27W
– that's nearly half the power draw"
2. "Aruba 802.11ac AP is purpose built. We didn't strap an 802.11ac radio on
an 802.11n platform."
3. "Aruba AP-220 has a faster processor, better antenna, superior power
circuitry and the sleekest industrial design on the market"
4. "Aruba's purpose-built 802.11ac APs cost 40% less than Cisco's modular
802.11ac APs"
Microsoft Lync:
1. "Reliable operation over Wi-Fi is the last hurdle for Microsoft Lync on
mobile devices to obsolete desk phones"
2. "Despite all Lync traffic being encrypted, Aruba Wireless LANs support
priority handling for individual Lync media such as video conferencing,
voice and desktop sharing. This is why only Aruba Wireless LANs are
certified for Lync operation over Wi-Fi"
3. "Aruba Wireless LANs now combine Lync and Wi-Fi visibility in one screen.
Both Lync and network admins have a common view as they manage Lync
over Wi-Fi deployments"
802.11ac Campaign
Telemarketing Script – Calling Guide
1. Offering single and dual radio indoor and outdoor access points with
external or integrated antennas, allowing easy implementation to any
location throughout the enterprise
Secure and smart technology
1. Spectrum analysis, advanced wireless intrusion protection, secure
enterprise mesh
2. Distributed and centralized traffic forwarding, without requiring a separate
set of access points or any additional hardware or management
Compatibility with 802.11n and 802.11ac standard, for those that have already
(It is not necessary to go through all information here. Once you have found a pain or need, choose the
information in this section to let the prospect understand how Aruba’s solution can solve the problem or
5. Close
- Would you be interested in learning about:
i. A demo of our solutions to learn how we could lower cost and increase
- Is that something you would have an interest in?
i. I’ll have one of our senior representatives contact you to set up a demonstration.
1. What time works best for you?
ii. If no, is there a reason you are not interested at this time?
6. Referral
Thank you for taking my call today. Is there anyone else that I should speak with?
NOTE – will not do key Take-A-Ways on this call guide
Partnering for Marketing Success!
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