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Transition to IP your way
The analog to IP technology shift
Analog cameras have long dominated the video surveillance market. Now IP technology advancements have caused a
shift away from all-inclusive analog solutions. To maximize the efficiency and quality of their surveillance, many
customers recognize the need to transition their analog installation to digital to gain advantages in image quality,
remote accessibilities and improved scalability.
Fully-integrated IP solutions open up many new opportunities including:
Ability to add high-resolution, megapixel cameras for superior image quality and improved evidence
On-the-go remote access to video for faster response times
Seamless control of external systems such as alarms, building systems and points-of-sale
Flexible scalability and the ability to upgrade IP cameras one at a time
Sharing a common video management software (VMS) platform to perform camera controls, video search and
input/output commands
• Optimizing video storage on redundant servers or in separate locations to increase reliability and
safeguard evidence
• Creating more intelligent surveillance with the integration of video analytics and alarm handling
• Faster and simplified set up with installation wizards built into VMS and the removal of cabling
Transition to IP your way
The benefits of IP are obvious, but the path to digital may seem complicated and costly. With Milestone Husky, there are
multiple ways to effortlessly and cost-efficiently move from a closed system to a fully integrated IP system. Leading the
industry forward is the state-of-the-art Milestone Husky Hybrid Network Video Recorders (NVRs).
Milestone Husky™ Hybrid Series
Mix analog and IP cameras with a premium solution that keeps you on budget
Instantly gain the IP advantage
Milestone Husky NVRs are the low-risk and flexible way to transition to IP and immediately enjoy the benefits. Each NVR
in the Milestone Husky Series is compatible with more than 200 external encoders, the tools needed to convert analog
video into a digital stream.
Milestone Husky Hybrid NVRs make the transition to IP more affordable since they are conveniently preinstalled with
encoders for analog cameras and include channels for IP devices. Customers can reuse their existing analog cameras
and can add IP cameras over time reducing up-front costs.
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milestone HUSKY
Transition to IP your way
What makes the Milestone Husky Hybrid NVRs different?
• Lower Licensing Costs: Milestone encoder licensing means only one hardware device is needed for each analog
encoder, regardless of the number of analog cameras connected to the encoder*, helping you transition to IP faster
with less up-front costs.
• Cost-efficient: The Milestone Husky Hybrid is a premium, yet budget-friendly solution that allows for a mix of analog
and IP cameras and come with encoders preinstalled.
• Simplifies Analog to IP Transition: Existing analog cameras can still be used while upgrading to IP
• Future-proof: Add-on licensing is available so IP cameras can be added to any Milestone Husky Hybrid base
configuration. Plus, with all Milestone products, you can mix equipment from multiple vendors and build your
installation with the most affordable equipment now and upgrade equipment and technologies as future needs change.
• Completely Customizable: With over 50 different customizable options such as processing power, storage and
memory, each Milestone Husky Hybrid NVR is customized to meet your specific demands.
• Scalable: Use one Milestone Husky Hybrid NVR as a standalone or connect multiple ones using Milestone
Interconnect to meet your growing business surveillance needs.
• Optimized Performance: Each state-of-the-art Milestone Husky Hybrid NVR is preinstalled with Milestone’s
award-winning VMS and preconfigured to ensure optimal performance.
• Simplified installation: With preinstalled VMS and automatic camera detection, the set-up is effortless and live and
recorded video can be viewed within minutes, even from smartphones and tablets.
Choose the Milestone Husky Hybrid NVR that is right for you
Milestone Husky M30 Hybrid
Workstation NVR designed for comprehensive surveillance
• Integrated encoder
• 16 channels + 4 IP devices
• 4TB storage / 8GB RAM / i5 processor
Milestone Husky M50 Hybrid
Premier rack-mounted solution with unlimited options for advance installations
• Integrated Encoder Solution
• 32 analog channels + 16 IP devices
• 16 TB storage / 16 GB RAM / i7 processor
About Milestone Systems
Founded in 1998, Milestone Systems is a global industry leader in open platform IP video
management software (VMS) and produces XProtect® VMS, the Milestone ArcusTM platform
and the Milestone HuskyTM series of network video recorders. Milestone delivers powerful
surveillance that is easy to manage, reliable and proven in surveillance installations around the
world. With support for the widest choice in network hardware and integration with other
systems, Milestone offers best-in-class solutions to video enable organizations – managing
risks, protecting people and assets, optimizing processes and minimizing costs. Milestone
products are sold through authorized and certified partners. For more information, visit
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* Customers who have an external encoder with two or more IP addresses must have two or more IP device licenses for the Milestone Husky

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