Charles Saki Bakheit, Associate Professor
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
College of Science, Sultan Qaboos University,
P. O. Box 36, Muscat, PC 123
Sultanate of Oman
E-mail: [email protected]
SQU ID No. 1591
A. Personal Information
B. Education and Employment Information
B.1 Education
B.2 Employment Information
C. Awards and Recognition
D. Teaching, Curriculum Development & Advising
Curriculum Development and teaching management
Student Advising
E. Service
E.1 University Service
E.2 Service to the Profession
E.3 Service to the Community
F. Scholarly Achievements
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F2 Ongoing Research and Papers under Preparation
F.3 Some Recent Conference Papers and Proceedings
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23 Jan. 2011
Curriculum Vitae – Charles S. Bakheit
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A. Personal Information
Full Name
Charles Saki Bakheit
Date of Birth
12th December, 1946
South Sudanese
Marital Status
Married with seven children
Mathematics and Statistics
Date of Appointment at SQU
16th March, 1990
Current Appointment Level
Associate Professor
Date of last Promotion at SQU
Starting Date of latest Contract
15th January 2015
B. Education and Employment Information
B.1 Education
Ph. D.
(Applied Probability)
University of Durham, UK
Thesis Title: “Stochastic Modelling of the Transmission of Endemic
Malaria with Analysis of Field Data”
M. Math.
(Combinatorics and Optimization)
University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
B. Sc.
(Mathematics & Statistics) Second Class Upper (Hons.)
Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda
Curriculum Vitae – Charles S. Bakheit
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B.2 Employment Information
Math Teacher
Mengo Senior Secondary School
Kampala, Uganda
Operations Research Analyst
Gulf Oil (Canada) Ltd.
200 Bloor Street, Toronto Canada
Teaching Assistant.
Department of Mathematics
University of Juba
P.O. Box 321/1, Khartoum, Sudan
Lecturer (Assistant Professor equivalent)
Department of Mathematics
University of Juba
P.O. Box 321/1, Khartoum, Sudan
Academic Secretary
University of Juba
P.O. Box 321/1, Khartoum, Sudan
1990 – 2008
Assistant Professor
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
College of Science,
Sultan Qaboos University
P. O. Box 36, Al-Khod, Muscat
Sultanate of Oman
Curriculum Vitae – Charles S. Bakheit
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2008 – Present
Associate Professor
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
College of Science,
Sultan Qaboos University
P. O. Box 36, Al-Khod, Muscat
Sultanate of Oman
C Awards and Recognition
British Council Fellowship at Universities of Durham and
Reading (UK) for a period of two months
British Council Scholarship for a PhD in the Department of
Mathematics, University of Durham (UK).
1972 - 1974
World Council of Churches Scholarship for a Master’s
program at the University of Waterloo, Canada.
1969 - 1971
Scholarship held
at Makerere
Uganda, to study for a B. Sc program.
Regional Prize for attaining the top position in the
Secondary Schools Entrance Examination in the Southern
Curriculum Vitae – Charles S. Bakheit
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D. Teaching, Curriculum Development and Advising
Teaching and Teaching Evaluations
During the time I have been in SQU I have been involved in developing and
teaching courses at various levels in the Department of Mathematics and
Statistics. These courses cover both theoretical and practical aspects of a wide
spectrum of areas within Statistics and Probability. They include courses for
undergraduate, diploma and postgraduate programs.
My student evaluations have been consistently high. My overall rating as a good
teacher by students for any course has rarely dropped below 3, and the overall
mean score for the last three years is 4 out of 5. Details are in Appendix A.
Student Project Supervision
I have co-supervised and supervised more than 30 final year student projects,
probably the highest number by any staff member in the department so far,
including co-supervising one project in Mathematics, in addition to one from the
Department of Civil Engineering. Most of the topics for the projects are related to
Oman, such as analyzing data of Oman traffic accidents, Muscat Security Stock
Exchange, prevalence of cases of diabetes in Oman, the incidence of leukemia
among children treated in SQUH, to mention a few.
The Statistics postgraduate program in DOMAS, which I helped to design, is still
at its infancy, and has only graduated a few batches of students so far.
Nonetheless, this has not hindered my active involvement with postgraduate
studies within the University.
current statistics program.
I have supervised 2 masters students in the
I have served as an external examiner for one
Master thesis, in DOMAS (2000), four others in the College of Engineering,
Department of Civil Engineering (2003, 2005, 2007, 2012), and one in the
Curriculum Vitae – Charles S. Bakheit
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College of Medicine and Health Sciences (2011). I was co-supervisor of a
Master student in the College of Agriculture, Department of Soil and Water
Sciences (2003). I have also served as the coordinator of the M. Sc. Statistics
D. 2.1 Statistics courses taught at SQU over the years.
STAT 1001 Introduction to Statistics
STAT 1231 Introduction to Statistics 1
STAT 1232 Introduction to Statistics II
STAT 2102 Introduction to Probability
STAT 2103 Probability for Engineers
STAT 2301 Basic Statistics
STAT 3331 Operations Research I
STAT 3334 Introduction to Inference
STAT 3335 Introduction to Sampling
STAT 3337 Introduction to Actuarial Mathematics
STAT 3338 Statistical Methods
STAT 4432 Regression Analysis
STAT 4433 Design of Experiments
STAT 4434 Nonparametric Statistics
STAT 4434 Survey Design
STAT 5522 Demographic Methods and Health care Statistics
STAT 5536 Time Series Analysis
STAT 5537 Multivariate Analysis
STAT 5539 Data Analysis
STAT 5555 Final Year Students Projects (14)
STAT 6025 Advanced Time Series Analysis
STAT 7001 MSc Students dissertation
D 2.1 Mathematics courses
MATH 1101 Math for Business 1
Curriculum Vitae – Charles S. Bakheit
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MATH 1102 Math for Business II
MATH 1192 Mathematics for Agriculture I
MATH 4473 Linear Programming
MATH 5500 Final Year Students Project s.
Curriculum Development and Teaching Management
The statistics teaching programs in Sultan Qaboos University have expanded
significantly and undergone tremendous changes since I joined the
department in 1990, and I have been very much in the centre of every one of
these innovative transformations.
D. 3.1 Undergraduate degree program
I have participated actively in restructuring the Statistics degree program, by
designing new courses and modifying or phasing out old ones to meet
market demands and new challenges, and to allow for enough flexibility for the
student majoring in Statistics to graduate with a minor in Business Studies,
Computing, or Mathematics. I am currently involved in developing three new
degree programs of Biological Mathematics, Financial Mathematics and
Computational and Industrial Mathematics. I am also involved in developing a
degree in Bioinformatics.
B Sc. in Health Statistics
I played a pivotal role in the curriculum development of a new undergraduate
degree program in Health Statistics (1997), tailored to the needs of and
requested by the Ministry of Health. I subsequently became the coordinator for
the development of the degree program, which also involves the departments
of Biology in College of Science, and Medical Statistics in the College of
Medicine and Health Sciences, and to liaise with the officials of the Ministry of
Health on all matters pertaining to the program. The program is now running
and has already produced graduates now employed by the Ministry of Health.
It has become a very popular choice among students taking Statistics in the
Curriculum Vitae – Charles S. Bakheit
Page # 8/18
Department. I continue to serve as the College Liaison Officer with the Ministry
of Health for this program.
D.3.3 M. Sc. Program in Statistics
I have made significant contribution in designing the current M Sc. Degree in
Statistics. The Department has already graduated its very first batch of postgraduate students in Statistics, and has a second batch due for graduation this
I have taught several of the M. Sc. courses on offer and have
supervised two MSc. Students theses.
Student Advising
Since joining Sultan Qaboos University, I have served as an academic
advisor to a large number of students.
In 1997, I was assigned by the
Department as the academic advisor to the first batch of students majoring in
Health Statistics, a task I continue to discharge up to now. The number of my
advisees has varied over the years from 10 to 40 a year. This year I have 40
E. 1
Service to the University
University Level
Member, University Academic Policies Committee. During my membership I
played significant role in producing a long awaited unifying Examination
Regulations document for the entire University (2000-2001).
Consultancy services. Since my joining the University in 1990, I have
provided free statistical service and guidance to academic staff and students
in the colleges of Science, Engineering, Agriculture, Medicine and Health
Sciences, and the University Hospital. Some of these efforts have resulted in
collaborative research publications. In many more other cases my
contributions have been formally acknowledged in the resulting publications,
Curriculum Vitae – Charles S. Bakheit
Page # 9/18
students’ dissertations and reports. Other beneficiaries of my services include
both the administrative and the technical staff of the University.
Member of University Committee for the development of Key Performance
Indicators (KPIs) for the University (2009 – 2013). The first document on
SQU KPIs has finally come out.
College Level
Member of the College Curriculum Committee (1997-1999) (2009-to present).
College Examination Coordinator (1995 – Present).
College Timetable coordinator (2010-Present)
Liaison Officer with MOH for Health Statistics Degree program (1997 –
College representative on the University Academic Policies Committee (20002001).
Acting Assistant Dean (Undergraduate studies) summers of 1997-2000,
2001- 2005 and Fall 2005, 2006, 2007, 2013. I fill in whenever the Assistant
Dean is not available.
DOMAS representative on the College Committee for producing the College
of Science (2005-2010) Action Plan (2005).
Member of the College of Science Postgraduate Committee (2006-2010).
Member of College of Science Committee for developing Interdisciplinary
study programs (2011 -)
Member of the following current Committees:
o The College Board
o The College Curriculum Committee
o The College Examination Committee
Department Level
• Deputy Head of Department (2012 – present).
• Textbooks Officer (1991-1992).
• Departmental Board Secretary (1992-1995).
Curriculum Vitae – Charles S. Bakheit
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• Member of the Curriculum Committee (1997-1999), (2009-Present).
Academic Advisor to various cohorts of students of DOMAS (1991 – Present)
• Departmental Examinations Officer (1997-1999)
• Coordinator, Health Statistics degree program (1997- Present).
• Coordinator of Final year students projects (1997-1998)
• Deputy HOD (2012- present)
• Member, Staff-Students Liaison Committee (1998-2000)
• Member, Teaching Committee (1999-2000, 2010-Present)
• Acting HOD (many times between 1990 and 2007).
• Chairman of DOMAS departmental Committee on the Department 2005-2010
Action Plan (2005).
• Member of ad hoc committee on evaluation of the teaching of lower level
courses, recommendation of ways to improve their teaching (2005).
• Coordinator of M. Sc. Statistics program (2006 – t2010)
• Member of the graduate Studies and Research Committee (2006-2010)
• Served on numerous other departmental ad hoc committees.
E. 2 Service to the Profession
Peer Reviewer
• Discovery and Innovation. A journal of the African Academy of
• SQU Journal for Scientific Research –Medical Sciences (2000)
• South Sudan Medical Journal (statistics) (2010-present)
• Reviewed a number of DOPSAR projects.(2000-2003)
• Energy and Environment Journal (UK) (2005)
External Examiner
Curriculum Vitae – Charles S. Bakheit
Page # 11/18
External Examiner for M. Sc. Theses for University of Durban, South
Africa (2000), and SQU (College of Engineering 2004, 2005, 2007,
2008, 2009, 2012) (College of Agriculture, 2003) (College of Science
2002), College of Medicine and Health Sciences (2011).
Gave a number of departmental seminars on an average of one
every two years (1990 – Present)
Gave a seminar to the DOMAS Students Group, titled: “How well do
you know the Correlation Coefficient?” September 2002
E. 3 Service to the Public
• Provided and continue to provide statistical guidance to a sizeable number
of Omani scholars not affiliated to SQU, studying abroad for their master
and PhD degrees.
• A member of the SQUH Drug Utilization Committee (1997 –2007).
• Served as a resource person at a UNICEF conference on “Children of
Southern Sudan – Vision 2005; Future Search” held in Nairobi, Kenya, 1221 November 1999
Community service
• Chairman of Board of Directors for an NGO no-profitable organization called
Gurtong in South Sudan (2007 – Present)
• Member of Board of Directors of South Sudan Medical Journal (2011 - ) (UK
• Chairperson Basics Sciences Studies and Computer Science Committee of
the National Council for Higher Education, Ministry of Education, republic of
South Sudan (2012 – present).
Curriculum Vitae – Charles S. Bakheit
Page # 12/18
• Made an appraisal of the University of Juba Science-based colleges and
produced a report of my work titled: Appraisal report of University of Juba
Science-based Colleges. (2011)
Invited to give a seminar titled “Statistics; what is in it for Medical
to the
medical staff of the Armed Forces Hospital,
October 2000.
• A talk to a local school entitled “How to Make a Smooth Transition from
School to University Life” (2013).
“Introduction to Statistics”, to the staff of SQUH Department of
Pharmacology, October 2000.
“Getting a flavor of Statistics”, to students of Sri Lankan School, Muscat,
April 2003.
“A Workshop in Time series Analysis for Economic and Business
Applications”, to staff of the Ministry of National Economy, Sultanate of
Oman, with Dr. Mohammed. Idrees, December 2005.
Resource person at a workshop on “South Sudan Post-conflict
Construction” organized by a Nairobi based NGO (ARRF) in Juba,
Sudan, 2006, in which I presented a paper on the role of higher
“A workshop on Time series Analysis, regression Analysis and
Multivariate data Analysis”, to statistics staff of various ministries of the
Sultanate of Oman, Nov-Dec. 2007.
“Sampling Techniques, a gentle Introduction”, to Oman Resident
Meedical staff. Ministry of Health, May, 2015.
Curriculum Vitae – Charles S. Bakheit
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F. Scholarly Achievements
My research interests include stochastic modelling in the physical and the life
sciences, data analysis in the medical, agricultural and engineering fields. As can be
gleaned from the list of my publications, most of my recent research and project work
with the students is largely in the areas of Applied Statistics and directly related and
relevant to Oman. This underlines the great demand for statistical consulting in the
University, and my mission and endeavours in propagating sound statistical thinking
and the application of appropriate statistical techniques in some of the many
important baseline research work being undertaken in the University as
demonstrated by the depth and breadth of my publications listed below. Needless to
say, statistics is inherently an applied subject, of which data-driven model building is
a significant and integral part.
I have also contributed to the study on the limits
properties of Semi-Markov processes and their applications in Applied Probability,
and contrasted the application of Artificial Neural Networks techniques with statistical
methods, using Oman traffic accident data. I continue to do research in both the
applied and theoretical aspects of statistics.
I have collaborated with some
colleagues in the College of Engineering to work on modelling of air pollution and
traffic accidents data analysis. I also collaborate with colleagues in the department of
Biology to further the study of the ecology of Omani turtles. I am also pursuing
research in the theory of Semi-Markov processes. There has been a great deal of
interest in this area in recent years, particularly in the computational aspect of the
subject. I am also an avid interest in the development of higher education in my
country and worldwide.
F.1 Publications in Refereed Journals
M. M. Islam, C. S. Bakheit. Advanced Maternal Age and Risks of Adverse
Pregnancy Outcomes: A population-Based Study in Oman. Health Care for
Women International, 2015 pp 1 – 23.
Curriculum Vitae – Charles S. Bakheit
Page # 14/18
I.S. Al-Amri a,⇑, I.Y. Mahmoud b, C.P. Waring c, A.Y. Alkindi d, T. Khan, C S.
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progesterone receptors, and steroidogenic ultrastructural features, in Oman.
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I.S. Al-Amri a,⇑, I.Y. Mahmoud b, C.P. Waring c, A.Y. Alkindi d, T. Khan, C S.
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Curriculum Vitae – Charles S. Bakheit
Page # 15/18
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Curriculum Vitae – Charles S. Bakheit
Page # 16/18
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F.2 On-going Research.
Probability distribution of parity progression of births in the Sultanate of
Modelling the ecology of the green Turtles at Ras Al Hadd Reserve, Oman.
Estimation of multi-character surveys and small area estimation.
Studies of Non Homogeneous Semi Markov models with application to
biological processes.
Statistical analysis of the characteristics of traffic accidents in Oman.
Research on entrepreneurship.
Curriculum Vitae – Charles S. Bakheit
Page # 17/18
Research on autism characteristics in Oman.
Some recent Conference papers and Proceedings
Moremong-Nganunu, T., C. S. Bakheit, and N. Rametse. Entrepreneurship
Education: An Evaluation of Behavior, Skills and Attributes of Botswana
Entrepreneurs. 29th Conference of the Australian and New Zealand Academy
of Management, from 2nd to 4th December, 2015 (accepted).
Ali, G.A. and C. S. Bakheit. Comparative analysis and prediction of traffic
accidents in Sudan using ANN and statistical methods. The annual meeting of
Southern African Transport Conference (SATC2011) that took place from 10th
to 14th of July, 2011, in Pretoria, South Africa.
Bakheit C.S. Strategic planning process in higher educational institutions:
methodology and Steps: An invited paper presented at a conference of higher
education from 6th to 8th of October 2010, in Juba Sudan, organized by the
Ministry of Higher Education, Sudan.
Atsu S. S. Dorvlo, C. S. Bakheit, and Samir Al-Adawi. Assessment of the
impact of birth spacing programs in Oman. 2007. The annual Meeting of
Canadian Population Society May 30-June 1 2007, Saskatoon, Saskachewan,
4Atsu S. S. Dorvlo, C. S. Bakheit, and Samir Al-Adawi. Effect of Dwelling
and Education on Birth Intervals of Omani Women The Annual Meeting of the
Canadian Population Society June 1-4, 2005 London, Ontario, Canada.
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Nesting selectivity in green turtles, chelonia mydas, relative to physical and
biotic factors at Ras Al-Had Reserve, Oman. The 22nd
Curriculum Vitae – Charles S. Bakheit
Page # 18/18
Symposium on Sea Turtle Biology and Conservation, April 2002. United
States Fish and Wildlife Service, Miami, Florida, U.S.A.
C.S. Bakheit and G.A. Ali and A. Al-Ismaili. The Effects of Mandatory use of
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F.4 Other popular articles
C.S. Bakheit. Wake Up Equatoria: Invited paper presented at the 15th Annual
Equatoria Conference, Louisville, Kentucky, September 5-6, 2015
C.S. Bakheit. South Sudan Universities – Which way forward? The Citizen
newspaper, 10th August 2011, Juba South Sudan.
C.S. Bakheit. The Challenges to the revival and role of Higher Education in
Post-Conflict Construction of South Sudan. Building a New and Prosperous
Society in Southern Sudan in the Post Conflict Period. Edited by P. Ochieng,
African Research and Resource Forum, (ARRF) 2007. pp 84-98
C.S. Bakheit. Higher Education in Southern Sudan: Past, present and the way
forward. Invited paper presented at the fourth Annual Equatoria Conference,
Des Moines, Iowa , September 4-5, 2004
F.5 Technical Reports
Ahmed Al-Naamany, Joseph A. Jervase, Atsu S. S. Dorvlo, Charles S.
Bakheit, Khidir Abdelbasit, Ali Benmerzouga and Hamdi Al-Barwani,
“Statistical Analysis of Oman GSM - Modeling Performance”. 2002.
A.S.S. Dorvlo and Charles S. Bakheit. “Marital Fertility and Birth Intervals for
Oman”. 2002.
Curriculum Vitae – Charles S. Bakheit
Page # 19/18
F.6 Grants and Contracts Support.
“Estimation of fertility rates and birth intervals for ever-married Omani
women”, Principal Investigator: A.S.S. Dorvlo Co-Investigator: C. S.
Bakheit, SQU DOPSAR funded (RO 1320), 2000-2001.
“Statistical Analysis of Oman GSM - Modeling Performance”, Principal
Investigator: Ahmed Al-Naamany, Co-Investigators: Joseph A. Jervase,
Atsu S. S. Dorvlo, C. S. Bakheit, Khidir Abdelbasit and Hamdi AlBarwani, Omantel (Oman Telecommunication Company) funded (RO
19,140), 1999-2001.