Sequentric Introduces Smart Grid Home Energy Management Hub with
Built-In Itron ERT Reading Technology
Low-cost home gateway provides energy consumption data directly from existing ERT
meters to utilities and customers, enabling Advanced Metering and Smart Grid functionality
WILMINGTON, NC -- Nov. 17, 2009 -- Sequentric Energy Systems, LLC, today announced
a Home Area Network (HAN) hub with built-in Itron ERT reading functionality to provide
consumers with energy use data and serve as a gateway to the Smart Grid. Available to
utilities in volume at $59 per unit, the Sequentric ERT Gateway provides actual kilowatthour (kWh) energy consumption data from electric meters to utility customers as frequently
as every 15 seconds. The ERT Gateway, developed under license from Itron Inc.
(NASDAQ:ITRI), is the newest addition to the family of Sequentric HAN products now
being manufactured and supplied to electric utilities for their Smart Grid residential energy
management, grid reliability and demand response programs.
The Sequentric ERT Gateway offers utilities an incremental, three-step plan for integrating
HANs into their Smart Grid and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) initiatives. On its
own, the ERT Gateway collects and delivers energy consumption data through a variety of
already available technologies. This engages homeowners by letting them monitor their
energy usage while opening up an information exchange conduit with the utility. Increasing
energy efficiency and reducing consumption become an easy second step with the
addition of low-cost, homeowner-installed devices such as thermostats, power plugs and
power strips, all of which work in conjunction with the ERT Gateway. Finally, a variety of
large load controllers, current transformer encoding modules and EV/PHEV transponders
can be offered by the utility for installation in customer homes, becoming valuable assets
in demand response, load-leveling, reliability and grid management programs. This
approach significantly increases the value and extends the life of utilities’ ERT-based
automated meter reading (AMR) deployments. By enabling a host of utility specific
capabilities, the ERT Gateway will enhance system reliability; improve security; and
Sequentric Announces Home Smart Grid Gateway with Itron Receiver
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support utilities during periods of frequency and voltage fluctuations, grid contingency and
power restoration efforts.
The pre-configured Sequentric ERT Gateway is easily installed by the homeowner in a
simple one-minute installation: plug it into a wall outlet for power and connect it to a home
Internet router. The device is based on Smart Grid standards including OpenHAN, Internet
Protocol (IP) for communication and NIST-certified AES encryption to ensure data security.
Once connected, the ERT Gateway collects kWh data from the “bubble-up” meter
message and typically relays it to secure servers operated by the utility to drive a variety of
display devices and software portals for the homeowner.
“Right now, tens of millions of ERT meters are transmitting very important energy
consumption information at the endpoints of the power grid. Sequentric’s ERT Gateway
collects this information while also serving as the hub of a home area network for electrical
device monitoring and management,” commented Daniel Flohr, CEO of Sequentric.
“Homes equipped this way easily join the Smart Grid, empowering homeowners with
information to help manage their energy use more efficiently. Making this information
available lets utilities and grid operators develop new relationships with their customers
while gaining the ability to deploy valuable tools to implement critically important networked
demand response programs. Sequentric’s embrace of IP as the fundamental Smart Grid
communication standard along with easy field upgradability to bring in new applicationlayer standards as they evolve, assures a HAN product family that is expandable, highly
adaptive and lasting.”
Sequentric presently has integrated captured ERT consumption data into several visually
exciting display products. This variety gives a utility many options that it may consider on
making energy consumption data available to a wide range of its customers -- whether
through its own or third party Internet web portals, smart phones, TVs, PCs and in-home
displays. Sequentric’s Application Program Interface (API) is available to the utility and all
of its selected partners.
Sequentric Announces Home Smart Grid Gateway with Itron Receiver
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Through these displays, homeowners see their energy use as it happens with granularity
as fine as the individual appliance level. With interactive portals, they establish “set and
forget” control parameters and schedules for thermostats, water heaters and a range of
smaller loads, such as cell phone chargers, computer peripherals and TVs. Finally, they
can “opt-into” and establish the parameters under which a utility can invoke load control
programs to change the electrical demand that the home presents to the grid in critical
peak periods and to strategically optimize time-of-use and critical peak pricing tariffs.
Delivery of production quantities of Sequentric’s ERT Gateway will begin in the first quarter
of 2010.
About Sequentric
Sequentric Energy Systems, LLC, is an industry innovator in demand response systems for electric
utility companies and their customers. With a special focus on home area networks, we funded our
own pilot deployments in 2005. Utility-funded demonstrations and pilot deployments began in 2007
and are expanding. We are building a US and International patent portfolio based on pioneering
energy management, demand response and distributed storage technology research and
development that began in 2004.
Volume pricing to utilities for complete Sequentric HAN kits is under $150 per home. The kit can be
installed in approximately two hours. We assemble all of our products in the US and Canada using
ISO certified contract manufacturers. When volumes permit, preference is given to contract
manufacturers operating within the utility’s footprint adding local job creation and local economic
stimulus as important additional benefits. Sequentric is a privately owned company based in
Wilmington, NC, with sales offices in San Francisco and New York. Please visit us at or email [email protected] for more information.
About Itron
Itron, Inc. is a leading technology provider to the global energy and water industries. Our company
is the world’s leading provider of intelligent metering, data collection and utility software solutions,
with nearly 8,000 utilities worldwide relying on our technology to optimize the delivery and use of
energy and water. Our products include electricity, gas, water and heat meters, data collection and
communication systems, including automated meter reading (AMR) and advanced metering
infrastructure (AMI); meter data management and related software applications; as well as project
management, installation and consulting services. To know more, start here:
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