01/05/2009 Staff and Membership Application Management Activities 08/09

Staff and Membership Application Management
Access Control
Ancillary Services
BPM Infrastructure
IT Services
Upgrade of supporting hardware
BPM Infrastructure
IT Services
Upgrade Metastorm and SWiFT software
BPM Infrastructure
Car Parking
Ancillary Services
Helpdesk Call Management
Academic Office
ITS / Enterprise
Online Payments
Postgraduate Applications
Improvement initiative
Develop and deploy web based administration
system for downloading information from the
Membership to Access Control systems
Activities 08/09
Expected improvement
Realisation of benefits from purchase of new Group4 enterprise
Risk reduction from replacement of desk based system currently in
Reduction in support overhead
Improved resilience and performance
Risk reduction as software is currently on an unsupported version
Improved resilience and performance from features in latest
version that will allow multiple engines to be deployed
Improved customer experience (only one username and password
Implement LDAP based authentication
to remember)
Reduction in support overhead from password resets
Reduce the number of journeys taken by staff to the University in
Carry out system amendment priorities as agreed
line with the Environmental Policy.
following consultation
Make the charging model fairer
Risk reduction as software is currently unsupported
Reduction in support overhead
Retirement of HEAT and introduction of ITIL
Administration functionality no longer operable due to changes
process based replacement
made to the core system
May be replaced with hosted solution
Internal ITS process improvement
Identity Management proposal
Reduced cycle time and defective goods
Improved toolset for bulk card production
Reduction in support overhead
Self service Lost/Stolen card reporting, card
Increased data accuracy
request, new member request
Supplement LDAP process with Staff Job Title,
Improved accuracy of data in Global Address Book
Current Dept and Work Phone number
Transfer data hub IO from Bell ID V3 scripts to
Reduction in risk as Bell ID v3 scripts no longer supported
Membership interface
Reduction in risk by reducing number of applications and
Transfer membership-interface from Xi to Epsilon
dependencies on Xi
Increased fine recovery
Develop and deploy a web based payment option
Staff efficiency savings in the Library
for Library Fines
Improved customer experience (currently have to pay in person)
Student Admin Service Submission of references proposal
Transaction tracking
Finance Office
Provide a data export facility
Transaction tracking
Warwick Retail
Provide a report for calculating department
costing automatically
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Postgraduate Application process improvement through reduced
cycle time
Reduce the number of standard service requests for data extracts
from the database
Reduction in cycle time through removal of manual intervention