Meeting of the Education Master Plan Committee Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

Redwoods Community College District
Meeting of the Education Master Plan Committee
Wednesday, April 8th, 2009
LRC 103 1:00pm-2:30pm
Allen Keppner, Keith Snow-Flamer, Joe Hash, David Bazard, Jim Sylvia, Carol Mathews (phone)
Others Present:
Lynsey Parker, Karen Nelson, Cheryl Tucker
Not Present:
Toni Sartori, Paul Kinsey, Michael Bailey, Lance Courtney, Julie Hatoff, Fred Sturner, Arturo Levenfield, Mike
Mendoza, Joe Hash, Matt Malkus, Michael Thomas, Geisce Ly, Pat Girczyc, Martha Davis, Melissa Green, Jason
Leppaluoto, Justine Shaw
I. Announcements, Additions, Adjustments to Agenda
1) None
II. Approval of minutes for April 1st EMP Meeting
1) Change date to April 1st, 2009
2) Minutes approved
III. Review New EMP Draft
1) Committee thanks Karen Nelson for all the time she has put into the second draft of the EMP
2) Another draft will be given to the Board in the beginning of May, but this will not be the final draft, it will
continue to be updated.
Karen leads discussion through EMP Draft
1) Bold typing in new draft EMP is the information that has been added or changed.
2) Removed
3) President needs to re-write after he reviews the new draft
Table of Contents
1) Each section is summarized to give an idea of what is in each chapter
Section 1
1) Introduction of EMP and Historical overview of the district.
a. Karen explains she cut some items from other areas and documents for use in the introduction
b. Page 9 – Discussion/statement needs to be made for this section regarding access, success and growth.
Some of this information may be in section 5, not all programs can be accessible
ii. What do we mean by access? Day and time, what we offer, and what sequences are, total number
of sections.
c. Cheryl is understanding that we need to use student learning outcomes that are measured at the same
level as success and access
2) Cheryl states more info can be added about PLO’s and SLO’s
3) Historical Overview
a. History of the district, Mission statement, CR values, District attributes
Where we are now, what we want, include faculty and services
 The uniqueness of the district and faculty
Section 2
1) Purpose of EMP and the districts methodology
2) Objections – 4 points of the goal of the EMP – a road map of the document
a. Change to “data informed” from “data driven and informed”
3) Pg 16 linking scorecard to goals and objectives
a. If no one knows what this means, should it be used?
b. Unfair to compare disciplines on one “scorecard”
c. Change language in this section, explain what we will be doing
“Will develop mechanisms by which we can evaluate….”
Section 3
1) Environmental scan
a. Internal Scan
b. External Scans
Things exterior to college, but have to do with the region and counties
2) Implications are removed from this section, they are not necessary
Section 4
1) Vision statement and strategic goals and objectives.
Section 5
1) Review of plan with strategic goals.
Section 6
1) Themes – need to be more broad based categories, open for future changes.
a. Student oriented services and support (Keith will work on this section)
Change to “Student Oriented Support Services and Activities”
b. District Economic Development
Industries we are serving , New programs, etc
c. Institutional Effectiveness
ARCC data, efficiency, how to measure districts success
d. District Resources
Comments from Dave and Keith to look at adding “curriculum” and “program” as separate
themes with their own sub-themes.
ii. Transfer (continuing education), community education, and academic
 How will these be addressed
iii. College Resources
 Facilities, Technology, etc
e. Curriculum and Program Evaluation and Development (Dave will work on this section)
 Addition to themes
 Add as number 2 in the list of themes, under “student oriented themes”
IV. Finalize Feedback
1) Keith will work on “Student Oriented Support Services and Activities” theme
2) Dave will work on “Curriculum Program Evaluation and Development” theme
3) Appendices are not necessary, will site information instead
4) 3 feedback discussion forums scheduled
5) Feedback still welcome through email sent directly to Karen Nelson
II. Set next meeting date
1) April 15, 1-2:30pm
Minutes submitted by:
Lynsey Parker
Ext 4273