Meeting of the Basic Skills Committee April 5, 2013, FM 107, 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Notes
1. Meeting Called to Order at 11:36am. Present: Keith, Erin Wall, Barbara, Sheila, Lynn, Rachel, Jeff Cummings, Jay Scrivner, Vinnie Peloso, Julia Peterson, Crislyn Parker‐notes 2. Approve Minutes: Not addressed 3. Action Items 3.1 Approve Mendocino BSI Funding Proposal  The committee approved the Mendocino funding proposal. 3.2 Approve Travel funds for Community of Practice Trainings  The Committee approved funding the travel for the Community of Practice trainings. 4. Discussion Items 4.1 Update Addressing Basic Skills Courses & Financial Aid issue:  Lynn Thiesen reported on the new federal financial aid laws which state that courses below the secondary (high school) level are not eligible for federal financial funding. The BOG waiver still applies. Also, remedial classes do not count toward the total unit requirements for federal financial aid, (e.g. 6 units of [remedial] Math 372 and 6 units of Engl 1a would only qualify a student for part‐time financial aid).  Math department discussions have determined that Math 372 is definitely considered remedial and very likely Math 376, as well. The math department is looking at non‐credit options to be available by spring 2014. Properly done, non‐credit courses, which are offered as positive attendance and are self‐paced may serve students more effectively in the long run. For example, non‐credit has no repeatability issues.  It is hoped, with revised First Year Experience processes, to remediate students more quickly. There is no financial aid for community ed or non‐credit, but the college will receive partial apportionment for non‐credit (community ed is completely self‐
supporting; non‐credit has strict rules).  Remedial reading will also be moved to non‐credit. 4.2 Support from BSC to Support Development of Curriculum, Software, Equipment for Noncredit Basic Skills Courses:  The committee agreed to provide stipends for non‐credit course development. Keith and Erin will meet to draft a document for SARTCO 5. Reports.  Keith noted that the Basic Committee has funding that needs to be spent (see supporting document).  Keith will provide a budget on what has been spent at the next meeting 6. Adjournment