REDWOODS COMMUNITY COLLEGE DISTRICT Multicultural and Diversity Committee



Meeting of the

Multicultural and Diversity Committee

Of the Academic Senate

Eureka: 7351 Tompkins Hill Road, C A 1 0 0

Crescent City: 883 W. Washington Blvd., E-3

Friday, January 25, 2013

11:15 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Meeting Notes


Call to Order

11:40a: Deanna Herrera-Thomas, Philip Mancus, Dana Maher, Justine Shaw, George

Potamianos, Trish Blair, Ahn Fielding


Introductions and Public Comments: Members of the audience are invited to make comments regarding any subject appropriate to the Multicultural and Diversity



Approve the December 14, 2012 Meeting Minutes a.

Philip Mancus notes: One possible change, Rachel Anderson is not a visitor, she is an ad hoc member of this committee. b.

No objections to approval of 12-15-12 minutes. Approved without objection with change.


Discussion Items

4.1 Diversity Training

- Jessica Pettitt: Philip has contacted her & she is enthusiastic to facilitate diversity training. There are options available. Training the committee itself so committee members can become trainers is one option; however this opens questions about the role of our committee. Opening up an employee training session facilitated by Jessica is another option. We need to book her soon, her schedule fills up. Jessica offered a searchable booking calendar linked to her website.

- Ahn Fielding reports that a manager’s training series is starting up with a diversity related topic, “High and Low Context Cultures & Communication”. Kerry Mayer may be doing this training.

George asked how will this be funded? Justine: are faculty development funds available for this? Ahn Fielding reports diversity allocations from the chancellor’s office have been reduced. Dana suggests we make an offer, she recommends $1500.

Ahn offers that up to 500$ can come from HR, but we need other funding sources.

Perhaps faculty development funds? Money from HR needs to be inclusive of a larger audience, the largest audience possible. Philip will start with this possible $500

& then request faculty development funds as well. Trish received faculty development funds for training webinars in the past.

For scheduling, Justine suggests a 5 th is already scheduled for one of the 5

Friday training. Discussion about which 5 th Fridays. th

Friday to avoid double-booking existing trainings. A classroom accessibility training

4.2 Latino Film Festival

- No updates from Rachel. We need the dates. Philip will contact Rachel to see what

MDC needs to do here. George will contact Rosamel who was involved in previous years through HSU.

- Ana Maria’s previous duties were listed as: lining up the venue, getting posters & doing community promo, teaching the class and getting students involved, hosting visiting scholar, getting advanced copies of the film to panel members for viewing.

4.3 Course Enrollment Data from Institutional Research

- Philip contacted Angelina to discuss data acquisition for information we’d like to see how we can help implement the inclusion of diversity into decision making regarding course scheduling and enrollment processes. In addition to needing courses on our books which recruit and retain diverse faculty, the SEHP directs us to protect courses that attract underrepresented students.

- Deanna cautions that looking at all of the data would be unwieldy. There is agreement.

- Dana suggests taking a strategic sample of courses there are concerns about & compare the diversity in these classes to the campus at large. Maybe each year we should look at a small sample to have something to offer the Enrollment

Management Committee. Philip brainstorms this may be a good place to start.

- Deanna points out that our recommendations are data driven, and for this year the data has already been analyzed. She suggests a timeline made with Angelina is a good idea. Data already backs the EEO plan & this informs the hiring plan.

- Decision is to put this on the back burner. Philip will contact Angelina to continue to conversation and will bring us back any information he learns.



5.1 ASCR Update, Gara Miner

- Gara contacted Philip to say she is no longer the ASCR diversity coordinator and will not be able to attend the MDC because of a conflict with a class. No ASCR report.

5.2 Addendum Report to ACCJC Update (Attachment)

- Philip sent MDC progress to Dave Bazard to include in ACCJC Addendum report

(included in the packet for today’s meeting). Some of the information did not get included in the Addendum.

5.3 Recommendations to the Enrollment Management Committee and Other Constituents


- This is currently in memorandum form & addresses to EMC committee co-chairs with a long list of directors and faculty included. Recommendations to add all Deans,

Utpal, and Trish to this list are made by the committee.

5.4 Academic Senate Bylaws Revision Update

- Our updates where we changed membership structure and wording were an agenda item. No objections but there were questions about overlap between our committee and the Student Equity Oversight Committee .


Announcements/Open Forum

Dana unable to attend first EEO meeting. Deanna will fill in.



Deanna- motion to adjourn; George second. Meeting adjourned at 12:34p

Public Notice—Nondiscrimination:

College of the Redwoods does not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, color or disability in any of its programs or activities. College of the Redwoods

is committed to providing reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities. Upon request this publication will be made available in alternate formats. Please contact College of the

Redwoods Academic Senate, 7351 Tompkins Hill Road, Eureka, CA 95501, (707) 476-4259, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday—Friday.

Next Meeting :

Friday February 8, 2013