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College of the Redwoods
Renewable every five years
Date: 11/22/07
1. Division: Guidance
2. Course ID and Number: Guid 47
3. Course Title: Leadership Development
4. Distance Education Method:
Instructional TV on cable
Interactive TV on videoconference
5. Describe in detail how this course will apply the same standards of course quality as a
traditional classroom course (attach course outline and syllabus).
Students will have access to the same textbook and course materials as available in
traditional class. The response essays will be the same as required from the
traditional class. Instructor/student and student/student interaction will be via online
discussion board. The instructor will prompt discussions by posing discussion
questions every week. Participation in online the discussion board will be monitored
and graded.
6. Describe how this course will include regular effective contact between the instructor and
The Blackboard LMS platform will allow students, review the course materials, post
their responses to the instructor's discussion questions and submit their response
essays. The instructor will pose weekly discussion board prompts for student's
discussions. The instructor will access the discussion board at least once per day.
7. Describe how standard methods of assessment will be adapted to the distance education
Expectation of analyzing articles and other reading materials, participation in
discussion, and response essays will remain the same as in the traditional classroom
setting. Comments from both the student and the instructor will simply be electronic
and not via voice.
Submitted by: Keith Snow-Flamer
Tel. Ext: 4196
Date: 11/21/07
Department Chair:
Distance Education Coordinator: Mark Winter
Curriculum Approval: April 8, 2005 (rev.11/8/05)
Academic Senate Approval: May 6, 2005
Review Date:
Review Date: 11/21/07
May 29, 2016
Division Chair/Director: Keith Snow-Flamer
Review Date: 11/21/07
Approved by Curriculum Committee: No
Board of Trustees Approval Date: 1/15/08
Curriculum Approval: April 8, 2005 (rev.11/8/05)
Academic Senate Approval: May 6, 2005
Date: 11/30/07
May 29, 2016