College of the Redwoods Request for Funding FY 2011-12

College of the Redwoods
Request for Funding FY 2011-12
This form should be used for requesting new staff positions and included in the program review
Erin Wall
Art Department
Requested Amount:
about $10,000 (18 hours per week)
Divisional Rank (if any):
Position description (please provide details about the position need):
[form will expand as needed]
This ISS 1 position will be responsible for assisting with tasks in the art studios that
are necessary for the art classes to function (the studio is essentially a LAB, which
requires a LAB tech). This work includes, in ceramics: loading and firing kilns, mixing
glazes and clay, studio upkeep, equipment maintenance, and assistance in the
classroom as needed such as preparation for demos and lectures. In the 2D studios,
work will include classroom prep and assistance during classes with equipment and
Statement of Need (Justify the need for the position)
This is a replacement position for the former art studio technician (Bob Jarrellterminated spring 2013). Currently part-time ceramics and fine art faculty are doing the
technician work in addition to their teaching, by working during what should be
instructional time and unpaid outside of class for roughly the same number of hours as
requested. If there is a technician, then part-time faculty can focus on instruction in
class and outside of class (also unpaid) on the clerical work that is required by the
college and by the demands of a growing program (along with supervising the
Link with Institutional Goal/Assessment Results (Describe):
Strategic Plan Goals
New 11/14/12
College of the Redwoods
Request for Funding FY 2011-12
Goal 1:Focus on Learners: Developmental, Career Technical & Transfer Education
College of the Redwoods will employ programs, services, and organizational structures to meet the
needs of learners and ensure student success.
Goal 3.2: Fiscal & Operational Sustainability
College of the Redwoods will pursue strategies that lead to operational sustainability.
Goal 4: Technological Relevance
College of the Redwoods will develop infrastructureand adopt best practices to utilize current and
emerging technologies to support the learning environment and enhance institutional effectiveness.
Improve technology infrastructure to support all college operations.
Improve instructional labs to support effective teaching and learning.
CTE programs will have technology relevant to their disciplines.
Improve efficiency through technology.
New 11/14/12