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Program Review Committee Meeting
Friday, October 7, 10am
LRC 103
Present: Cheryl Tucker, Rachel Anderson, Zach DeLoach, Dana Maher, Paul Hidy, Justine
Shaw, Mike Cox, Vinnie Peloso, Paul Chown, Crislyn Parker, Todd Olsen, Angelina Hill
1. Call Meeting to Order: Meeting called to order at 10:10am
Approval 9/23/11 Meeting Notes: Moved and seconded to approve notes as stand.
Approval of documents:
I. Service Area Templates (includes Instructional as well):
 Instructional Templates: Comprehensive and Annual program review templates: Moved,
seconded and carried to approve with changes (highlight date area on tab 1; change
submitted to submitted)
 Discussion whether the committee should view, prior to approving, the final “live”
versions of the templates resulted in approval of current templates, and if issues arise,
they can be addressed
 Student Services template tabs are basically the same as instructional templates. Then
include an added question for benchmarking under Tab 3, Program and Student
Learning Outcomes. Data links vary in relation to specific services areas and include a
box for author response. A creativity/ innovation tab was requested by directors.
Coordination tab is to describe how service area worked with instructional and
administrative services departments. Question #1 is right out of accreditation. Moved,
seconded and carried to approve.
 Administrative Services template is very similar to student services, with links to data
sets specific to their area. Assessment tabs will be removed. Cheryl noted they wish to
include the coordination tab. Roxanne and Cheryl will work directly with them
regarding this tab. Moved, seconded and carried to approve with changes.
II. Calendar:
 The calendar was re-formatted to reflect the streamlined review approach. Reviews will
begin January 27, 2012 and are expected to conclude in April. Moved, seconded and
carried to approve.
 Instructional KPIs were reviewed in a prior meeting, but the committee wanted an
opportunity to review and comment. The KPI will be used as check list when
reviewing program reviews. Each template section title matches data points. If outside
information needs to be included, the committee will make a note in the executive
summary comments. The program review committee only tracks whether assessment
has been completed and what goals are established based on assessment. It was
suggested to change: “area dean” to “area administrator.”
 Discussion whether an assessment check list for follow-through is needed. Moved,
seconded and carried to approve a change to ....”SLO Assessment Plan/Progress.”
 Student Services pulls KPIs from instruction, administrative services and their own
unique needs. It was suggested authors should identify what relates to their program:
i.e. Special Programs does not offer classes, so it won’t tie into instructional KPIs, but
they have students and success. It was suggested the author enter N/A, to clarify
through program review that it is not an applicable indicator. It was moved, seconded
and carried to (remove satisfactory/unsatisfactory) leave N/A (non-applicable).
 Student Services KPIs will include both numbers and percent. The template will be
changed to “service requests completed” (remove “number of”)? Number of project
milestones met should be changed to “did you meet your project milestones?” Moved,
seconded and approved KPI, with changes; also add headers to 2nd page.
 Administrative services draft template includes a payment assessment plan in their
program review. They don’t include student success or instruction information. Like
the student services template, a recommendation is to include types of services for
students i.e. the auto drop for non-payment policy, and especially new policies and the
impact on students.
4. Needs Addendum Approval Process:
 Criteria “Outcome” box: needs addendum must have a stated reason, tied to SLOs, the
strategic plan, mission.
 General fund requests will be sent back to the area coordinator; they will not go to the
budget planning committee
 Request types identified as Library materials and/or book will be submitted to Keith
Snow-Flamer, to be prioritized within the Library budget.
 A request for increase in budget will be forwarded to the appropriate committee.
 Staff and faculty requests are sent to prioritization committees.
5. Needs Addendum Review:
 Requests for overall budget increase will be forwarded to Budget Planning Committee
6. Other
Rachel and Cheryl will let the committee know of any recommendations.
Instructional annual and comprehensive templates will be posted in the next week
7. Next Meeting/next steps: Next meeting is January 27, to begin reviewing programs.